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    Meals may be paid for daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.  Those students not eligible for free meals must pay for their meals at the prices established for full price and reduced price students.  Those students not eligible for free meals who have not paid for a scheduled meal may have that meal withheld.

    In elementary schools, prior to withholding a meal, the school shall:

    1. Provide actual notification to the child's parent or legal guardian as to the date and time after which meals may be denied, the reason for such denial, any action that may be taken by the parent or legal guardian to prevent further denial of meals, and the consequences of the failure to take appropriate actions to prevent such denial, including that the school governing authority shall contact the office of community services within the Department of Social Services upon the thirdinstance of such denial during a single school year.
    2. Verify with appropriate school staff that the child does not have an Individual Education Planthat requires the child to receive meals provided by the school to ensure that neither the child's health nor learning ability will be negatively affected by denying the child meals during school hours.

    If the school denies a scheduled meal to a child, the school shall provide a sandwich or a substantial and nutritious snack item to the child as a substitute for the meal denied.

    Upon the third (3rd) instance during a single school year of the same elementary school child being denied a meal during school hours, the School Board shall contact the office of community services within the Department of Social Services to report the failure of the parent or guardian to pay for meals which has resulted in repeated denials of meals during school hours.

    The School Board shall document each instance that a child is denied a meal in an elementary school.

    Charitable funds donated by school employees or other charitable funds may be used to pay for a child's meal in the event that he/she is subject to the denial of a meal during school hours.

    No discrimination against any individual shall occur because of his/her inability to pay, nor shall the School Board or any nutrition service provider publish or permit to be published the names of any individual unable to pay for the food.

    Any public school employee who discloses the name of any individual unable to pay for such food, either orally or in written form, except as reasonably necessary in the conduct of his/her official duties, shall be subject to the penalties provided in state law.  No employee shall disclose such information to any student for any reason.

    Collection of Meal Payment

    The School Board does not extend credit to students or parents/guardians for the purchase of meals.  However, the School Board does not want to deprive an elementary student of an important meal.  Therefore, when an outstanding debt reaches between $.50 and $6.50, the cafeteria manager shall either call or send a letter to the parents/guardians of the student to notify them that an outstanding balance is now due.  The same letters shall be used parishwide to keep the notification procedure consistent.

    A second reminder shall be sent to the parents/guardian when the student's debt reaches $7.00 and the principal shall also be notified.  This letter shall have an attachment that the parent is required to sign and return the following day.

    When the debt reaches $14.00, the principal shall schedule a conference with the parents.  If a $21.00 debt is incurred, it shall be referred to the Child Welfare Department where possible court action may be taken against the parents/guardian.


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