• Principal's Message


    As we begin this school year, it is with great excitement that I greet the parents, teachers, scholars, and staff.

    I am honored to have been selected Principal of West St. Mary High School as I am returning back home. Over the years I have been able to build a positive relationship with the community and I hope to continue this legacy as we take WSM to the next level.

    Our year will be filled with academic activities as we strive to enrich our school climate and provide our scholars with challenging and engaging opportunities that will positively impact student achievement.

    Parents we invite you to be partners with us. You are invited to meet with us and share your concerns as well as your celebrations. Though our combined efforts, we can build a network to consistently monitor, guide, and support our scholars as they face new challenges. 

    Let us work together to help our scholars set realistic goals as we teach them how to persevere. 

    The staff of WSM is dedicated to providing meaningful and engaging learning opportunities daily. Our goal is to make this school year the best ever in the lives of our scholars. 

    "The strength of the wolf is the pack. The strength of the pack is the wolf."

    Donald J. Sanders, III