Parade of Schools Banner Competition

  • High School Winner

    • Franklin Senior High School

    Junior High Winners

    • 1st Place – Morgan City Junior High School
    • 2nd Place – Berwick Junior High School

     Elementary School Winners

    • 1st Place – Hattie Watts Elementary
    • 2nd Place – M. E. Norman Elementary
    • 3rd Place – Bayou Vista Elementary
    • Honorable Mention – J. B. Maitland Elementary

    Thank you to the following schools for participating in the Red Ribbon Week Banner competition:

    High School Division                                          

    • Franklin High School                                               

    Junior High Division

    • Berwick Junior High
    • Morgan City Junior High                

    Elementary Division                                      

    • Bayou Vista Elementary                        
    • Hattie Watts Elementary
    • LaGrange Elementary
    • Maitland Elementary
    • Norman Elementary