• From Mrs. LaGarde:

    Happy New Year to all! I hope each of you enjoyed your holiday break. 
    We continue to focus on our literacy and numeracy skills to help all our students become fluent readers and writers.  Students are required to read a book each morning before school starts. We want to encourage reading at home as well.  Our librarian has several awards in place for students that complete their AR points each nine weeks. Please ask your child about the AR book they are currently reading.

    We are determined to help each student learn his/her basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Parents, we desperately need your help. We ask that you use flash cards to reinforce these important concepts to your child on a daily basis.  Students need to memorize these basic facts in order to be successful in mathematics during the upper grades. If we all work together, our students will be prepared for the next grade level because they will have a solid mathematical foundation.

    It takes all of working together to educate our students. We are looking forward to the new year and working towards one common goal...educating our children in a safe, loving environment.