In the Study Skills classroom , the students are expected to use teacher assistance and instruction as a support to help  with their work in other academic core subject classes in which they may be struggling or simply need extra help.  Students will be able to ask questions and work on assignments, go to library when needed, see academic subject teachers, etc. and have all the resources needed to be successful in the academic subjects.  Receive help with organization, prioritizing and scheduling their assignments or projects.
    Students are free to use this time to work on homework from other classes and receive teacher help on any assignments they are having difficulty with at that time.  If students do not have any homework or have completed all tasks with time left in the period, then they are to have an AR book to read.  A book should be kept on their person at all times. 

    Class Design:

    The Study Skills class is designed to give you an additional 90 minute block of time to complete homework, receive tutoring, finish quizzes/tests, review class notes, proofing of written works, etc. within your school day.  This class also focuses on organizational skills.  Each class you will present your assignments, current homework and upcoming assignments and tests to the teacher.   There will also be unannounced binder and agenda checks for neatness and organization of  your core class assignments, so STAY ORGANIZED.  You are enrolled in Study Skills, so you should always have something to do even if it is just STUDY.  If you do not choose to read a personal reading book, you will be given exercises in reading comprehension, basic math, vocabulary building, etc. and will be graded accordingly.  All study skills work should be saved in your notebook to be graded.  
    Students who receive a failing grade (F) in Study Skills at the end of the semester will lose the privilege of enrolling in Study Skills the following semester.


    The goal of Study Skills class is to implement the goals and objectives developed in your IEP.  For some students these goals are to improve organizational skills, writing skills, comprehension skills, time-management and behavioral skills.  The student and teacher will use assignments and textbooks from classes to learn strategies and methods that will help you accomplish your goals. The student will also earn a carnegie unit on all core subjects attempted and pass the End-of-Course (EOC) assessment at the conclusion of the  semester. 



    Given a supportive and effective classroom environment, the student will demonstrate various decision- making skills and previously acquired knowledge to increase all learning opportunities by practicing organizational skills, time management skills, and study skills to optimize learning, achievement, and growth.

    The Student Will:    

    A.     Demonstrate progress toward IEP goals and objectives.

    B.      Complete required assignments by the date they are due.

    C.      Demonstrate understanding school and classroom rules and consequences of infractions.

    D.      Demonstrate maximum effort on assignments attempted. 

    E.      Use time wisely when you are finished assignments.  Always have a chapter book with you to read or one will be assigned to you.

    F.       Completing daily assignments and starters are  mandatory for your grade.

    Grading Policy:

    There are  four ways that students can earn points towards their grade throughout the year.  The following explains those ways:

    1.  Daily Participation Points- (50 pts/week)
    At the end of class each day, based on attendance,  I will assess if each student has had on task behavior and has met the expectations given at the start of class (posted on board  -  daily).   This means that the student did not disrupt his/her classmates during the period and was focused on his/her academic assignments.  If any disruptions or if the student has to be constantly prompted to stay focused or do his or her work, points will be deducted from their grade. The grade will then be entered into my gradebook.  (10 pts/day).

     2. Agenda Check -  (5 pts/check) randomly checked
    Assignment planners are a required part of this class.  Students can choose to bring in their own assignment planner . This is the agenda given at the beginning of the school  year. (check for assignments written from core classes).  Students can earn 5 points each check just for writing down their assignments from their core classes with detailed assignments and upcoming tests.  
    3.  Classwork: (25 pts/week)
    Please come prepared.  You will need your work, papers, binders, notebooks, etc.  I can not help you if your materials are in your locker or at home. All students are aware of the policy to bring all  core subject classwork to Study Skills. At the start of every class, I will check each student for their classwork and projects for other classes.  I will also check their grades for Math, English, SS, and Science, noting the letter grade, percentage, and any missing assignments.  


    4. Binder checks: (25 - 50 pts/week)
    All students will have a binder check at the conclusion of each week.  The binder consist of daily activities and starters:
    Resource Time
                 Tests / Makeups
                 Homework Help 
                 Study Assistance
                 Projects (assistance)
                 Accommodations and Modifications
    Classroom Rules and Procedures-

    •    All school and district regulations are to be followed.  (See Student Handbook)
    •    No gum is allowed at school.
    •    Arrive on time and with the proper supplies and assignments . Any student who is not in his/her seat when the bell rings is considered tardy.  
    •    Be courteous of self, fellow classmates, your classroom, and the teachers.  
    •    Respect property. Take care of your property, the property of others, and the property of the school.
    •    Be organized and prepared for class.  Have pens, pencils, paper, binders, and required books in class each day.


    Students should always have the following supplies with them:

    • Line paper/ Notebook

    • Pencils

    • Pens

    • AR book to read if all work is completed early

    • All classwork from other core classes. 

    Optional- Donations for the classroom:

    • Tissues