Office 365

  • Office 365


    St. Mary Parish employees are provided with accounts in Office 365, which offers the following advantages: 

    • Providing access email and other web apps (Word Online, PowerPoint Online, etc.) from any Internet-connected computer.

    • Saving and syncing My Documents folders to OneDrive so files can be accessed, edited, and resaved from any Internet-connected computer.

    • Updating Microsoft Office products installed on district computers to the latest versions, thus taking advantage of new and improved tools.

    • Downloading the Office 2016 Suite to as many as 5 home/personal computing devices (for knowledge-workers only).

    Accounts for new employees are created after the Human Resources Department had acquired all paperwork needed to establish employment.  Each school's Technology Lead Teacher will share information about initial login and availability with new employees. District accounts in Office 365 are classified as "Work" accounts and require the use of an email address for login. 

    Employees should also be aware of the policies for employee email use

    Protocols for obtaining support for Office 365 accounts:

    • Contact the school's Technology Lead Teacher for basic troubleshooting of initial login, usernames, and passwords.
    • The Technology Lead Teacher will escalate the issue to Technology Department team members if needed.