• Sick Bank



    The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank shall be to provide a bank of sick leave days from which a member may draw in case of extended absences due to illness/disability which renders the member incapable of working.  Sick Bank days may be used for personal illness/disability of the employee or illness/disability of an immediate family member.  Immediate family member is defined as the husband, wife, or children of the employee. Members receiving workers’ compensation shall not be eligible to receive sick leave days from the Bank.


    All employees who are eligible for full St. Mary Parish School Board benefits shall be eligible to join the Sick Leave Bank.

    Each eligible employee shall have the option to join the Sick Leave Bank within the first twenty (20) contracted calendar days of the commencement of that employee’s work year.  Failure to re-enroll each year would cancel membership.

    Employees who join the Sick Leave Bank shall sign the enrollment form which states that the employee is voluntarily allowing the assessment of sick leave days which the employee has earned to the Sick Leave Bank and that those days will be permanently deducted from the number of sick leave days the employee possesses.

    Each member shall contribute one (1) day of sick leave upon joining the Sick Leave Bank.  The minimum number of days in the Bank will be 300.  At the beginning of each year each member will be assessed one (1) additional day of current or accumulated sick leave.  The Sick Leave Bank Board shall have the authority to assess an additional day(s) during a school year, should it in their judgment be deemed necessary.  Inability to contribute shall not keep an individual from being a member for the remainder of that school year. 

    Three (3) separate accounts shall be established within the Sick Leave Bank:  one for teachers, one for bus operators, and one for school employees.  Donations to the Sick Leave Bank shall be credited to the appropriate account depending on the classification of the eligible member making the contribution.

    Days contributed or assessed become part of the Bank and no longer count toward the individual member’s current or accumulated sick leave.

    More information regarding the Sick Leave Bank can be found in the district's Policy Manual:  Policies GBRIB and GBRIBB


    The application entitled "Sick Leave Bank Medical Certification" can be found by logging into Blackboard:  St. Mary Parish Intranet | Medical/Safety Forms | Employee Forms. 

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  • Medical Sabbatical

    The Superintendent may grant a medical sabbatical to all teaching personnel in accordance with statutory provisions.  Teaching personnel shall include any person employed by the Board who holds a valid teaching certificate issued by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and any social worker, guidance counselor, school nurse, audiologist, educational diagnostician, speech-language pathologist, or school psychologist employed by the Board who holds the appropriate valid professional ancillary certificate issued by the Louisiana Department of Education.

    Sabbatical leave may be granted on the ratio of two (2) semesters for twelve (12) or more consecutive semesters of active service within the employ of the Board or one (1) semester for six (6) or more consecutive semesters of such service.

    At no time may more than five percent (5%) of the total number of teachers employed in a school system be on leave.  Selection of employees among those who qualify for sabbatical leave must be based on years of continuous service and other criteria as specified by statute.

    A teacher may make application for medical sabbatical leave, which shall be accompanied by a statement from a licensed physician certifying that the leave is medically necessary.

    If the Superintendent, upon review of the application, questions the validity or accuracy of the certification, the Superintendent may require the applicant, as a condition for continued consideration of the application, to be examined by a licensed physician selected by the Superintendent.  In such a case, the Board shall pay all costs of the examination and any tests determined to be necessary.  If the physician finds a medical necessity, the leave application shall be granted.

    If the physician disagrees with the certification of the physician selected by the applicant, then the Superintendent may require the applicant, as a condition for continued consideration of the application, to be examined by a third licensed appropriate physician whose name appears next in the rotation of physicians on a list established by the local medical society for such purpose and maintained by the School Board.  All costs of an examination and any required tests by a third physician shall be paid by the Board.  The opinion of the third physician shall decide the issue.

    The opinion of all physicians consulted shall be submitted in the form of a sworn statement.  All information contained in any statement from a physician shall be confidential and shall not be subject to the public records law.

    The application for Medical Sabbatical Leave can be found by logging into Blackboard:  St. Mary Parish Intranet | Medical/Safety Forms | Employee Forms.


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  • Maternity Leave

    Maternity leave for all school board employees is now considered as sick leave for pay purposes. An employee who misses work due to maternity reasons will be granted sick leave pay providing the following conditions are met.

    An employee must complete a preliminary' application for maternity leave as soon as pregnancy has been ascertained. This application will allow the principal to make plans  in advance of the employee's departure for maternity leave. The dates on the application for maternity' leave will be considered tentative and subject to change later under provisions in a  and b below.

    1. An employee going on maternity leave must present her principal and the personnel administrator with a statement from her attending physician as to when in her pregnancy the employee must begin maternity leave for reasons of health.
    2. The employee on maternity leave must present to her principal and the personnel administrator a statement from her attending physician as to the earliest date, after delivery of the baby, on which the employee may return to work.

            A teacher on maternity leave will receive full pay for her accrued  number of sick leave days. A teacher on maternity leave who has no accrued sick leave or who exhausts her accrued sick leave days while on maternity leave will be paid according to the Extended Sick Leave Policy.

              Maternity leave under  (a) and b starting and terminating conditions  will result in the non-teaching employee receiving full pay for the days of leave equivalent to the accrued days of sick leave of the employee.  Should the non-teaching employee have no accrued sick leave days when beginning maternity leave, or should the non-teaching employee exhaust her accrued days of sick leave while on maternity leave, then all pay will terminate for the duration of the leave and until the non-teaching employee returns to her position in keeping. with the provisions under  (b) above.  

             Teachers on maternity leave will be reported-to the School Board office on the Principal's. Monthly Report in the same manner as are absences of teachers who are ill.

             Non-teaching employees on maternity leave will-be reported by the principal of the school involved. This letter will be addressed to the Superintendent.

    Download Maternity Leave Application by logging into Blackboard:  St. Mary Parish Intranet | Medical/Safety Forms | Employee Forms


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