DataCove Email Archiving

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    DataCove is the district's email archiving portal. it allows retrieval of lost, misplaced, or deleted email or attachments sent after February 2011.

    DataCove helps St. Mary Parish comply with local, state, and/or federal retention regulations requiring that all email content be safely stored and retrievable. Email can be searched via keywords in content, attachments, as well as by user or date.

    About Datacove Use:

    • There can be a delay of a few hours between the time an email is sent or received and its availability in Datacove.
    • Datacove search terms require a high level of specificity. When using the "Email To" or "Email From" search options, best results are obtained by inserting an email address rather than a person's name.
    • Best results are also obtained by narrowing date range in search to return fewer results.

    Support for DataCove can be obtained from the system manager: Lane Boudreaux