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    TRES. the district's Training, Registration, and Evaluation System powered by GoSignMeUp, provides a dashboard for listing events, registering for events, and issuing certificates and CLUs for classes and meetings offered in St. Mary Parish. Like many other district portals, TRES enrollment is linked to St. Mary Parish district credentials. 

    TRES does not provide verification of all CLUs earned; it can, however, track attendance for events hosted by St. Mary Parish.  Teachers are ultimately responsible for maintaining evidence of attendance and CLUs earned during the course of their teaching careers.

    Gaining accessing TRES for the first time will require an Employee ID.

    Important Reminders About TRES:

    • Employess who have activated their accounts should return to "My Account" each year to update teaching assignment, location, and email address.
    • Successful enrollment in a course will always generate an email verification.  If an email is not received, return to TRES to check "My Classes."

    A transcript of district events that have been transcribed in TRES can be generated by any user after log-in.

    System Manager: Dr. Susan Dupre

    Please see the attached page entitled Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TRES.