Microsoft Office 365 Email for Students

  • Office 365

    St. Mary Parish students in Grades 5 through 12 are provided with accounts in Office 365, which offers the following advantages: 

    • Providing access email and other web apps (Word Online, PowerPoint Online, etc.) from any Internet-connected computer.

    • Saving to OneDrive so files can be accessed, edited, and resaved from any Internet-connected computer.

    • Downloading the Office 2013 Suite to as many as 5 home/personal computing devices (computers, SmartPhones, tablets, etc.).

    Accounts for students are created within a week of enrollment. Each school's Technology Lead Teacher will share information about initial login and availability with new students.

    Student accounts are classified as "Work" accounts, and login requires the use of the student's email address and district password.

    Student email is a privilege that can be revoked; for this reason, student email is monitored and archived. Students should be aware of the policies for Student Computer Access and Use