Gifted & Talented

  • The program of education for the gifted/talented in St. Mary Parish is based on the philosophy of individual worth and the individualization of instruction.  Individualization of instruction involves a differentiation of curriculum.  The educational experiences to which the gifted/talented student is exposed must be appropriate for his/her characteristics. 


    The St. Mary Parish School Board’s gifted/talented system has a resource model parish wide to service students in grades K-12. The program is based on a curriculum that provides enrichment, which goes beyond normal classroom activity by offering students greater latitude of inquiry. 


    The St. Mary Parish School Board’s program for the gifted/talented is devoted to the pursuance of academic attainment and increasingly sophisticated levels of conceptualization.  Since the participating students do exhibit distinctively high achievement levels, the curriculum must transcend the learning activities of the regular program.  Our gifted/talented programs are designed to provide challenging learning opportunities and reward students with learning experiences. 


    For further information on gifted/talented programming, call Tonia Verrette or Debra McClarity (337) 828-1767.  Questions regarding identification of gifted/talented students should be addressed to Bonnie Miller, Coordinator of Pupil Appraisal.