Saturday Intervention Sessions

  • Each city, parish, or other local public-school board may adopt a policy that requires the parent or legal guardian of a student removed from the classroom to attend after school or intervention sessions with the student. Such a policy, if adopted, shall be enumerated in the code of conduct, and shall include accommodations for parents and legal guardians who demonstrate a documented inability to attend due to work or disability or other health matters pertaining to the parent or legal guardian or a family member under his care. 


    The school board may refer a parent who fails to attend such session to the court of competent jurisdiction in accordance with Chapter 2 of Title VII of the Louisiana Children's Code. Each time a parent is referred to the court of competent jurisdiction, the court may impose a fine of not less than twenty five dollars and not more than two hundred fifty dollars, forty hours of court approved school or community service activities, or a combination of forty hours of court-approved school or community service and attendance at a court-approved family counseling program by both a parent or legal guardian and the student, and may suspend any recreational license issued by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.