Clear Bag Policy for ALL Events & Facilities

  • To ensure stakeholder safety at all St. Mary Parish Public Schools events and facilities, the St. Mary Parish School Board has instituted a Clear Bag Policy limiting the size and type of bags allowed at all events including but not limited to school meetings, sports, ceremonies, school board meetings, etc. at all facilities including but not limited to school campuses, sports venues, the Materiel and Operation Center, the Office of Special Services, and the School Board Office. This policy includes visitation to St. Mary Parish Public Schools facilities during operating hours for any purpose. Anyone who brings bags that do not meet the criteria outlined will not be permitted entrance. While safety measures can sometimes be inconvenient, stakeholder safety must be a priority.

    Please Note: ALL bags and items, regardless of size or nature, are subject to searches. Stakeholders should expect to be scanned with metal detectors.


    Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, all St. Mary Parish Public Schools students will be required to comply with the Clear Bag Policy. This policy can be found in A Guide to St.Mary Parish Public Schools. Approved items are pictured below. No other items will be allowed.