School Board Meeting YouTube Information

Streamed School Board Meetings (2023)

      Help and Troubleshooting

      FAQs for Streaming Meetings

      • Frequently Asked Questions:

        1. How do I join the livestream video meeting?
          Answer: Click the link provided. When prompted, select "View Online." 

        2. Can I join the meeting on my mobile device or tablet?
          Answer: Yes, this livestream video meeting is accessible on mobile devices and tablets. 

        3. What is the agenda for the meeting?
          Answer: All School Board Meeting Agendas are posted on the District's website. Click this link to access a copy of meeting agendas. 

        4. Will the meeting be recorded and available for later viewing?
          Answer: Yes. The video will be viewable by clicking the links posted above. 

        5. How do I troubleshoot any technical issues during the meeting?
          Answer: You can try restarting your device or internet connection, checking your audio and video settings.

        6. Is closed captioning available for the meeting?
          Answer: Yes, you can access auto-generated closed captions by clicking the CC icon in the video window.