Procedures for Processing Discipline Referrals for Disabled Students

    1. When an infraction occurs resulting in a possible out-of-school suspension, the principal must contact Special Education designee within one (1) operational day to report the determination decision regarding the student's disability, the behavior and whether disciplinary action is taken.

    2. A representative from the Office of Special Education is to be present at all disciplinary hearings involving Special Education students. The principal or designee, parent and students are also to be involved in the hearing.  At that time, any pertinent information from the child’s evaluation will be shared.

    3. Before a hearing with a student with disabilities or upon the 11th day of out-of-school suspension a manifestation determination must be completed.

    4. If the behavior is not related to the student's disability, the case is to be processed under the existing parish policy for non-handicapped students. However, in this situation, each incident is to be reported to the Office of Special Education designee.

    5. If the determination is made that the child's behavior is related to his exceptionality, no official suspension or expulsion shall be recorded in the child's records. The child shall be allowed to make up all school work missed during the child's period of exclusion.

    6. When the behavior of a student classified as disabled is presenting an immediate danger to self or others or is significantly destructive to property, the student may be immediately removed from the school premises provided that a determination as described in "1" above and other required due process procedures are carried out as soon as possible. Generally, this should not exceed three (3) operational days from the day of the incident.


    Reviewed 07/20/2021
    Kenneth Holmes

    Updated 07/6/2022
    Barbara Lancelin