Extended School Year Services

  • Extended School Year Services (ESYS) are provided for eligible students with disabilities who require special education instruction and related services in excess of 180 days.  The legal basis for extending the school year for certain students with disabilities is stated in Section 450 of Bulletin 1706:  Regulations for Implementation of the Exceptional Children's Act (R.S. 17:1941 et. seq.) and in court decisions handed down relative to the 180-day rule. These decisions have reaffirmed the Federal Legislative intent to ensure a free and appropriate education based on educational programming designed to meet those needs.

    All students in Special Education, excluding the academically gifted, must be screened annually to determine eligibility regardless of previous participation or nonparticipation in the Extended School Year program.

    For further information, contact Dr. Katherine C. Drexler at (337-828-1767).

    Reviewed 06/07/2023
    Katherine Drexler, Ed. D.