Community-Based Instruction

  • The St. Mary Parish School Board Department of Special Educational Services believes that every person has the ability to obtain a certain degree of functional independence across integrated environments. Toward this end of maximum self-actualization, community-based instruction is provided with the belief that every student, regardless of the severity of his or her disabilities, is capable of living and working in the community.

    Community-based instruction is provided as a component of special education programming for significantly disabled secondary special education students. Developmentally age respectful vocational classroom activities are designed to teach students to become proficient in accordance with IEP goals and objectives applied in the community. Community-based participation provides adaptive, hands-on vocational and functional experiences normally performed by their “non-disabled” peers to facilitate successful post school outcomes. 

    The ultimate goal of the St. Mary Parish School Board is to provide a model of community-based training that provides work-based learning opportunities for students with disabilities across environments.

    For further information contact Dr. Katherine Drexler at (337) 828-1767.

    Updated 06/07/2023
    Katherine Drexler, Ed. D.