Grading System and Honor Roll

  • Grading System

    The St. Mary Parish School Board fully recognizes the purpose of a grading system is to report, with as much clarity as possible, a student's total progress or lack of progress to the student and to parents.  Not only is such a system to be used as a guide for teachers and school administrators in establishing grading schemes and grade outcomes, but is also to be used in interpreting and clarifying grading schemes and grade outcomes to students and to parents.

    The Board believes it is essential for grades to reflect student progress with as much realism as possible.  At the same time, care must be taken that a grading scheme does not stifle a student's hope that with hard work some degree of success can be achieved.  Common sense, good judgment, and an intense interest in what is best for the student are all qualities which must be possessed by the teacher, the school administrator, and the parents in order to assure that a grading system will serve its best purpose.


     No School Board member, Superintendent, or school employee, including administrative and supervisory personnel, shall attempt, directly or indirectly, to influence, alter, or otherwise affect the grade received by a student from his/her teacher.  However, a teacher's determination of a student's grade may be changed or altered when the Superintendent or designee has determined that the grade is in error, or that the grade is demonstrably inconsistent with the teacher's grading policy.


    In the reporting of student progress, it becomes important to be sure that the grades reflect a true picture of each student's standing at the grade level where placed.  Also, since the grades are used in promotion and retention of students, it becomes essential that each teacher determine grades using a uniform basis.  Consequently, only letter grades shall be recorded on the report card.  The existing report card form shall display the percentage to letter grade correlation.

    The St. Mary Parish School Board shall use the uniform grading scale established for all schools in Louisiana for grades K-12 for which letter grades are used: 

    • Grade A = 100 - 93%
    • Grade B = 92 - 85%
    • Grade C = 84 - 75%
    • Grade D = 74 - 67%
    • Grade F = 66 - 0%

    The final letter grade shall be determined by averaging the two (2) semester letter grades.     


    Students will not receive an extra quality point for an Honors class.  The Honors Grading System will be used for evaluative and reporting purposes in the following courses: All courses designated as Honors, Dual Enrollment, and AP as well as Advanced Math, Foreign Languages, Calculus, Trigonometry, English III (101) DE, English IV (102) DE, English for the College-Bound, Freshmen Basic Composition, Advanced Composition, Biology II, Chemistry II, Physics, Computer Science, and Students Teaching and Reaching (STAR). 

    In an attempt not to penalize a student for attempting a much more difficult course, their letter grades will be determined by the following scale:

    • Grade A = 100 - 90%
    • Grade B = 89 - 80%
    • Grade C = 79 - 70%
    • Grade D = 69 - 60%
    • Grade F = 59 - 0%


    Some courses do not use letter grades.                 

    • S (satisfactory) 75 - 100%
    • N (needs improvement)  67 - 74%       
    • U (unsatisfactory) Below 66% 


    • Principal's List:  Designated for those students who earn a grade of in all classes for the nine weeks.

    • Honor Roll: Awarded to students who have at least a B average for the nine weeks with no grade less than a C

    In addition, the following criteria should be met: 

    • Grades of D, F, N, or U in areas other than conduct and/or handwriting disqualifies a student from the two categories. 
    • Conduct grades are not to be considered in placement of students in the two categories. 
    • Special Education students addressing graduation requirements are eligible for honor roll and principal’s list recognition.



    Reviewed 07/20/2021
    Joseph Stadalis