Hospital/Homebound Instruction

  • During the course of a school year, a student may (due to illness or injury) be unable to attend school for a prolonged period. When a student has to be out of his or her classroom for a long period of time, he or she is bound to be concerned, perhaps frustrated by the prospect of being so far behind in academic work upon returning to school.

    To help fulfill the basic health and instructional needs for the student of St. Mary Parish, the Department of Special Educational Services offers a Hospital Homebound program.

    A student is eligible for Hospital Homebound instruction when he or she is projected to be unable to attend school as a result of physical illness or accident for a minimum period of two weeks (10 school days). The student is not dropped from the school roll and is counted present and in attendance while on Hospital Homebound.

    If a student is in need of this service, parents/guardians have certain responsibilities. They are as follows: 

    1. A parent/guardian or adult family member should contact the school the child attends and ask to speak with the SBLC facilitator.
    2. This facilitator will secure the necessary information in order to give the parent the appropriate forms.
    3. When the "Physician’s Form" is received by the family, it should be taken to the child's doctor (physician). Upon completion of the form by the physician, the form should then be returned to the SBLC facilitator at the school.
    4. The facilitator will then set up a meeting at the school to discuss possible modifications and/or accommodations, which could keep the child in school (at least part of the day).
    5. The facilitator will then send a copy of the forms completed at this meeting and the medical form to the Facilitator of Nurses at the COC.

    If there are no modifications and/or accommodations that can be made to allow the student to remain in school, the Facilitator of Nurses in charge of Hospital/Homebound will review the summary of the SBLC meeting and medical form to determine if the child is eligible for homebound services.

    Once the student has been approved for Hospital Homebound Instruction, the parent/guardian should realize the following:

    1. Homebound instructors are assigned according to certification and the instructional needs of the child in question and are therefore expected to be accepted by the family. Acceptance or rejection of this person dictates the extent to which services will be available. Should the family be unwilling to accept the assigned homebound instructor, the St. Mary Parish School Board shall not be held responsible for providing this service. Questions arising over teacher assignment should be brought to the attention of the Office of Special Education.
    2. A responsible adult family member shall be on the premises and available during the entire teaching time.
    3. All parties in the home should be appropriately dressed throughout the homebound session.
    4. Regular study periods should be established for the student as suggested by the teacher.
    5. The learning space provided shall be adequate to accommodate the pupil and teacher in accordance with the pupil's physical and mental involvement.
    6. The student and teacher shall be afforded an environment conducive to instruction and as free from distractions as possible.
    7. A parent, guardian, or adult family member in attendance is responsible for initialing the monthly time sheet for homebound instructors unless the student is of legal age.
    8. The student should receive any necessary nursing care before the teacher’s arrival. The student’s doctor’s appointments should be scheduled at times other than those set aside for instruction if at all possible.
    9. Homebound students are considered present for school. In the event a student is not home to receive instruction at the designated time, the absence will be reported to the primary school.  Any cancellation of the teaching sessions must be reported by the Homebound Teacher.  Recurring absences will be dealt with on an individual basis.  These absences will be reported to the Supervisor of Special Education or Designee.  If necessary, the student may be dropped from the homebound program.
    10. If the period of confinement requires an extension of services a “Notice of Hospital Homebound Extended Eligibility” form must be resubmitted to the SBLC Committee.
    11. Since the student is placed on homebound because of a physical or psychological inability to attend school, it is understood that the student should not be away from the home environment unless it is for medical attention. Homebound students may not participate in or in attend school sponsored events without a full medical release from their primary care giver.  All homebound students seen at school sponsored/public events for reasons other than their medical issues will receive a review of their case with termination of services as a possibility.
    12. Hospital Homebound teachers do not administer midterm and final exams. All midterm and final exams are to be taken at the student's school. Arrangements must be made between the family and the school.
    13. Hospital Homebound Services for pregnant students begin on the actual delivery date or upon medical documentation of complications. The inability to secure babysitting services is not an acceptable reason to file for an extension of Hospital Homebound Services.

    The best place for a child to receive an education is at school.  Therefore, every effort is made to return the child to school as soon as possible. Hospital/Homebound services are not intended for long-term service.

    For further information concerning this service, contact the Central Office Facilitator of Nurses Lydia Duval at (337) 836-9661.

    For further information concerning homebound teachers, contact the Office of Special Services at (337) 828‑1767 and ask for Barbara Lancelin (


    Reviewed 07/15/2021
    Lydia Duval