Student Records

  • Student records are open to parents and adult students.

    A federal law known as the Buckley Amendment to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 has clarified the right of parents to examine school records and files of their children.

    These rights are also given to legal guardians and to individual students as soon as they reach age 18. The following information is available to parents:

    • Achievement Scores
    • Aptitude Test Scores
    • Grades
    • Attendance Data
    • Health Records
    • Ratings by Teachers and Counselors
    • Behavior Reports

    Records may be reviewed by submitting in writing a request to the principal 45 days in advance of the review. Records must be examined in the presence of an authorized staff member to ensure the correct interpretation of the test scores, notes, or other valuable material.

    Parents have the right to challenge the content of any records and receive a formal hearing.

    School records may be released only with the written permission of the parents or legal guardians, except requesting universities, Armed Forces and authorized state agencies.

    For additional information contact the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.



    Reviewed 07/16/2021
    Kenneth Holmes