Student Adjustment Centers (After-School Detention)

  • In an attempt to reduce the number of days lost by students, due to suspension, the St. Mary Parish School Board has instituted Student Adjustment Centers.

    In lieu of a three-day suspension, a student may be assigned to four hours after school or Saturday detention. 

    Combinations may be as follows:

    1)         One hour each day (Monday through Thursday)

    2)         Two hours twice a week (Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday)

    3)         Four hours on Saturday morning (8:00 AM - 12 noon)

    The four-hour detention counts as an alternative to suspension: however, the student is allowed only two four-hour detention assignments. The third offense that would normally be a suspension would be an indefinite suspension, pending a hearing with the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.  Students committing minor problems may be assigned one or two hours detention, but those wouldn’t count toward the indefinite suspension.  Parents would be contacted prior to detention assignment and be given the choice of detention assignment or suspension.

    Past experience has shown that parents almost always choose the detention.  A conference with the principal or assistant principal is required, the same as in suspensions.

    Data indicates that suspensions are reduced by over two-thirds and overall attendance improved throughout the schools having Student Adjustment Centers.  Students assigned to the Student Adjustment Center must adhere to the following: (1) arrive at the Student Adjustment Center on time ;(2) have enough school work to keep busy the whole time; and (3) control their behavior.  Any infraction of the above would result in a suspension when reported by the facilitator.  Students may also be assigned to less than four hours of detention for fewer severe rule violations.


    Reviewed 07/16/2021
    Kenneth Holmes