Indefinite Suspension

  • School principals may suspend any student from school for not more than three days who is guilty of disobedience; who treats with intentional disrespect a teacher, principal, superintendent, member or employee of the local school board; who makes against any one of them an unfounded charge; who uses unchaste or profane language; who is guilty of immoral or vicious practices, or of conduct or habits injurious to his associates; who uses tobacco, drugs or alcoholic beverages in any form in school buildings or on school grounds; who disturbs the school or habitually violates any rules; who cuts, defaces, or injures any part of the public school buildings or any property belonging to said buildings; who writes any profane or obscene language or draws obscene pictures in or on any school material or any public premises, or on any fence, pole, sidewalk, or building on the way to or from school; who is found carrying firearms, knives, or other implements which can be used as weapons, the careless use of which might inflict harm or injury; who throws missiles on the school grounds liable to injure other students; who instigates or participates in fights while under school supervision; who violates traffic and safety regulations; who leaves the school premises without permission; who leaves the classroom during class hours or detention without permission, or who is habitually tardy or absent; who commits any other serious violation. 


    The principal will send the parish letter for suspension to the child's parents or guardians informing them of the suspension, its length of time, and the reason for the suspension.  A copy of this letter will be sent to the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.  The principal or assistant principal will have a preliminary hearing with the pupil and have a conference with the parents or guardians of every pupil suspended before readmitting the pupil to school.  The parent or guardian will have the right to appeal to the Superintendent in writing regarding the suspension of any pupil.  A pupil suspended for damages to any property belonging to the school system shall not be readmitted until payment in full has been made for such damage or until directed by the Superintendent or his designee. 


    A student missing school because of any suspension must make up work missed.  It will be the responsibility of the student or parent to plan within two (2) days of the student’s return to school to make up work missed because of suspension. 


    Upon the recommendation by a principal for an indefinite suspension (of more than three (3) days) of any pupil, a hearing shall be conducted by the superintendent or his designee.  Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the superintendent or his designee shall determine whether such students shall be dropped from the school system or if other corrective or disciplinary action shall be taken.  At a hearing with the principal and/or teacher concerned may be represented by any person appointed by the superintendent.  Until such a hearing takes place, the student shall remain suspended from the school.  At the hearing the student may be represented by any person of his choice.