Outdoor Play Suggestions

  • Ideally, outdoor play is free and unstructured.  Kids are climbing, running, talking to one another freely.  For kids who need a starting point, we offer a few suggestions on how to get them outside:

    Scavenger Hunt! Use this link to create a list of items your kids can search for on a scavenger hunt.

    Sidewalk Chalk Art: Chalk up a beautiful drawing or hopscotch.  Use the link for creative inspiration, or create your own.  Take pictures!

    Shape Hunt: Look for shapes in the clouds and use those shapes to tell stories about how they got there.

    Journal like Lewis and Clark: Draw pictures and take notes on the weather, plants, and animals that you see in your backyard. 

    Build a Fairy House: Using only items from nature, design and build a house fit for fairies.  Add things like tables, swings, and fireplaces.