Creative Hour

  • Creativity is as important as literacy and can lead to strong problem solving and leadership skills and dispositions. During Creative Hour we are encouraging kids to work on projects that matter to them. Maybe they choose to write a story or script a movie.  Maybe they choose to write music, make a musical instrument, or design a dream treehouse. The important thing is that they are choosing the path. When kids pursue work that matters to them, they are more likely to commit to the work. And, adults can offer “just-in-time” information to support them in developing a plan.  For example, if your child is writing a story, we do not worry about their spelling because it is the act of writing that is encouraged. When you notice certain mistakes happening frequently, we can offer helpful hints on notecards as an enthusiastic way to make their work even better! It’s all in the approach. Be supportive of the important work your child is after!

    Write a Story: Use the writing process (Brainstorm, Organize, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish) to complete a story from start to finish.  Here is one of our favorite story organizers for brainstorming!  It’s the one used by Pixar!

    Write a Script: You can use the same process linked above to develop a movie script.  Then, put on a play, or record your movie and place into iMove or Windows Movie Maker.  Find tutorials online for both.. 

    Turn an Equation into a Math Story: Give kids an equation such as 8+3+5=16.  Have them turn it into a story. You can use the Explain Everything App to have them draw and tell the story.

    Create a Musical Instrument: Use these ideas for inspiration, then create any kind of musical instrument out of household or recycled materials.

    Make Art: Make a painting, jewelry, a song, a play, a dance, or a poem!

    Writing Code: Our favorites include, Scratch Jr for iPad, and Hopscotch.  Even with no experience, these are easy to use!

    Make your own puzzle and have someone else put it together!

    Learn French Listen to stories told in French or use these lessons to develop the language. Then, use Duolingo app to keep learning!