2020-2021 Coordinated Funding Request

  • Section 709 Bulletin 140 requires that each Lead Agency submit a Coordinated Funding Request on behalf of their Community Network to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE). The purpose of the Coordinated Funding Request is to request seats for 4-year-old children through the LA-4, NSECD, and Pre-K Expansion grants for the 2020-2021 school year. The Coordinated Funding Request is limited to the funding sources for which the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) has oversight and should reflect the choices of families within the community. These programs serve at-risk children only and have eligibility requirements for children and families. New this year, the state is also requesting a submission of Birth to 3-year-old seats in anticipation of new funding sources becoming available in the next fiscal year. These seats are reflected in the chart below from interested Program Partners and were prioritized based on Performance Profile ratings of 2018-2019.

    Note that the Coordinated Funding Request  does not guarantee funding of any program. Due to  limited funding, all requests may not be  granted. Although Lead Agencies submit the funding request, they do not serve as the fiscal agent for all funding sources. There are many ways to fund early childhood education outside of the funds allocated through BESE and the LOE. Lead Agencies are required to ensure that there is an opportunity for public comment on the Coordinated Funding Request before submission. The Coordinated Funding Request will be available on the SMPECN website January 10-17, 2020 for public comments to be submitted to the Lead Agency at smpecn@gmail.com. In addition, Bulletin 140 establishes review and complaint processes for providers and families. Lead Agencies must provide programs written notice of the opportunity to request a departmental review, with the contact information  for the Depart ment. Any publicly-funded program may request  that  the Department review an enrollment decision or  funding request of its Lead Agency. Programs must email the request to earlychildhood@la.gov no later than 30 calendar days after the due date for funding requests. Any program or individual may submit a written complaint to the Department regarding the action or inaction ofthe Lead Agency in its Community Network. Complaints must be submitted to earlychildhood@l a.gov within 30 calendar days of the action or inaction of the Lead Agency upon with the complaint is based.


     For questions or public comment, please contact the St. Mary Parish Early Childhood Network at smpecn@gmail.com

St. Mary Parish LA4 Request