Red Ribbon Week Activities: October 19-26, 2019

  • These are the designated days for Red Ribbon Week. Feel free to celebrate them however you choose!

    • Saturday, October 19th (Motorcade) – Law Enforcement, Fire and Support Services convoy across the district to ring in Red Ribbon Week.

    • Monday, October 21st (D.A.R.E. Day) – Red Day – Wear RED in honor of Red Ribbon Week
    • Tuesday, October 22nd (Character Counts Day) 

    • Wednesday, October 23rd (Bully-Free Day) – Orange Day – Wear ORANGE to support the stand against Bullying. (Bully-free pledge cards can be signed this day if not already done.)

    • Thursday, October 24th (Tobacco-Free Day) - Designated RR T-Shirt Day – Wear this year’s RR t-shirt or any RR t-shirt that you have.

    • Friday, October 25th (Domestic Violence Awareness Day) – Purple Day – Wear PURPLE to support the stand against Domestic Violence.

    • Saturday, October 26th (Parade of Schools and Zoo-to-Boo) – Participating schools march from David Drive in MC to the Chamber of Commerce where they will end with banner and cheer competitions before heading to Zoo-to-Boo to celebrate the closing of Red Ribbon Week.

      • Parade of Schools Participants 
        • Elementary Division: J.S. Aucoin, J.B. Maitland, Bayou Vista, M.E. Norman, Hattie Watts, Lagrange
        • Junior High Division: MCJHS, BJHS, PJHS
        • High School Division: no participants

Red Ribbon Week Flyers