• All students at Hattie A. Watts Elementary must wear the appropriate, standard school uniform as determined by St. Mary Parish School Board.  Administrators will make the determination regarding the acceptability of a student’s uniform attire, accessories, and appearance. For further information, see the St. Mary Parish School Newspaper or policy on the website www.stmaryk12.net


    Jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts worn by students in the building must be solid navy, white, khaki, tan, black, or red with no name brand lettering, logos, or graphics. Hattie Watts and Patterson Lumberjack sweatshirts are allowed. All others must be removed in the building.  Undershirts must be white. No colored shirts will be allowed under the uniform shirts. Brown, blue, or black belts are the only allowable colors.  Belts must be worn if pants were made with belt loops. Do not cut off belt loops. Socks must be visible. Only solid white, navy blue, black, or tan socks are allowed. Socks cannot have a logo.

    • Help us enforce the uniform policy by checking your child before he/she leaves for school each morning.
    • Boots, heels, open-toe shoes, and open-back shoes are not allowed. They present a safety concern.
    • Jeggings and joggers (pants with elastic at the bottom) are not allowed.


    Designated Jean Days- Only solid blue jeans are allowed on designated jean days. Jeans should not have holes or designs on them. Colored jeans are not allowed. Jeggings and joggers of any kind are not allowed.


    Students will receive a uniform infraction for each day they don’t adhere to the dress code. Parents must sign the infraction. After receiving three infractions, the student will receive one day of recess detention.