Arrival Time: Arrival time for students is 7:20. Students may not be dropped off early to wait in the office.

    Car Riders: Students may be dropped off at 7:20 in the car rider line on Park street or Taft street. To ensure student’s safety, all vehicles must enter the car rider line and remain in line. Park, Taft, and Third streets will become one-way streets in the mornings. Car riders may not be dropped off in front school, the church parking lot, or in the American Legion parking lot. Car riders must remain in vehicles until 7:20 and only exit the vehicle in the unloading area.

    Walkers: Walkers should arrive no earlier than 7:20. Students who walk to school must walk to the stop sign at Park and Third streets or to the stop sign at Taft and Third streets. For everyone’s safety, walkers may not cut across the car rider lines. All Park street walkers will enter the building at the first-grade entrance. All Taft street walkers will enter the building at the Taft street entrance.

    Bus Riders: The front of school is designated for buses. All bus riders will use the first-grade entrance, located under the bus canopy.



    Dismissal Time: Pre-Kindergarten will dismiss at 2:50 pm. All other grades dismiss at 3:00 pm.

    Car Riders: Parents are to pick up students by the cafeteria (Park Street) or by the kindergarten entrance (Taft Street). To ensure student’s safety, all vehicles must enter a car rider line and remain in line. Park, Taft, and Third streets will become one-way streets for dismissal. Car riders may not be picked up in front school, the church parking lot, or in the American Legion parking lot. Please put the orange sign with student’s name and grade on your windshield. If students ride home with a relative, please give this person an orange sign to put in his/her car. Our car rider lines tend to move quickly once the line has started. All parents should be in line by 3:05 to ensure students are picked up on time.  

    Pre-K, K, and 1st grade car riders will be picked up by the cafeteria, (Park Street). This is also the sibling side – older siblings meet the younger ones. If you have children in both age groups, enter the car line at 3:00 and have the older child meet the younger child by the cafeteria. For everyone’s safety, do not park on the side of the road and then get in line at 3:00. We want to be proactive to avoid car accidents. If you make it to the front of the line before the older child gets there, you will be asked to return to the end of the line. Pre-K dismissal begins 10 minutes earlier (2:50) as a part of students’ instructional day. Kindergarten-4th grade students are not dismissed until 3:00. Parents picking up only a pre-k student should be at the beginning of the line.

    2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders will be picked up on the Taft Street side. Dismissal is at 3:00. Remember to remain in the car rider line.

    Think win-win and do not park down the street or in the lots across the street from the car rider dismissal areas. For your child’s safety, he/she will not be allowed to walk and meet you.


    Released Time: Walkers will be released after car riders have been picked up (approximately 3:10- 3:15).

    For our children’s safety, please follow these regulations.

    For Kindergarten– 4th grade students, Taft Street and Park Street walkers will be escorted to the crossing guards on their respective sides. If you are walking to meet your child, please meet him/her across the street in the lot.

    Pre-K walkers are to be picked up at the gate between the kindergarten and 4th grade wing.  Pre-K walkers will remain in the fenced area until someone picks them up. 

    PJHS students are dismissed at 2:30. Junior high and high school students will not be allowed on our campus until 3:00 to pick up siblings. If they are picking up walkers in Pre-K, they need to follow the directions above.  If they are meeting K – 4th graders, they should meet them at the crossing guard. Do not congregate on campus.

    Bus Riders

    Teachers will direct students to the bus line that leads to the bus canopy. Bus riders are responsible for remaining in the bus line at dismissal and riding the correct bus. There will be a designated area by bus number for students to load their bus. All students will be given a bus tag at the beginning of the year. This tag should remain pinned on their backpacks. Buses depart school at various times depending on drivers’ previous routes. Parents may not take students from the bus line and leave campus. The parent must check-out the student in the office.

    Change in Dismissal:

    We recommend that your child consistently be either a car rider, walker, bus rider, or aftercare member. Parents should give their child instructions for afterschool plans before he/she comes to school. If a change in your child’s transportation is needed, please send the classroom teacher a note that morning.  We cannot rely on students to tell us their means of transportation has changed. Do not email your child’s teacher of a sudden change in transportation. Teachers may not get the message in time because they are teaching. If you didn’t provide a note, and there is any change in how your child is getting home, notify the office by 2:30. We need enough time to notify students prior to the start of dismissal procedures. Help us make dismissal as safe and smooth as possible by following the expectations.

    Rainy Day Dismissal

    Walkers: On rainy days, walkers will wait in the car rider line until 3:20. After 3:20, they will be released as walkers. 

    On rainy days, students may not be picked up in front of school or from the office. This is the bus loading area. Parents must use the appropriate car rider line or wait for walkers in the usual location.

    We do not encourage checking out students on rainy days. We recommend that families establish a rainy-day plan at the beginning of the school year and communicate the plan to their child.

    Emergency Dismissal

    If an emergency causes an early dismissal, the school will send a JText or a Jcall that includes instructions for dismissal procedures.

    Policy for Students Not Picked Up on Time

    Any student left at school after 3:10 pm will be put in aftercare and guardians will be charged for the placement ($8.00) per time. On the fourth time, a registration fee of $10 and paperwork will be required. Students who are not picked up in the car rider line will not report to the office. They will go to aftercare, and parents will pick them up from aftercare.  



    This program will operate Monday through Friday on regular school days from dismissal time to 5:30 PM. Students must be able to independently take care of all toiletry needs due to limited staff. A one-time $10.00 registration fee is required.  The tuition fee is $20.00 for one child weekly and $15.00 for each additional child. Drop-in students are charged a daily fee of $8.00. If drop-in exceeds three times, a $10 registration fee will be required. If you are interested in our aftercare service, please contact the office.

    Homework Center will be provided for aftercare students in grades 1-4.  Parents, this is to help students begin homework, not to complete all homework. Assistance is provided, but it is your responsibility to check for correctness, understanding, and completion of all homework.   

    An aftercare discipline policy will be sent home for a parent signature with the registration form. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. After a student receives three discipline referrals in aftercare, he or she could lose aftercare services for the remainder of the year.

    Any student left at school after 3:10 PM will be put in the Student Aftercare program and charged the drop-in rate ($8.00). The third time a child is sent because of late pick up, the registration fee of $10.00 will be charged in addition to the drop-in rate.



    • Students are to ride only their assigned bus.
    • Any changes in address need to be immediately reported to the office.
    • Students may not ride a different bus without documented approval     

              from a parent/guardian.

    As a safety precaution for students, they will not be allowed to be taken out of the bus line by a parent or guardian. Students must be checked out in the office.

    Bus students must:

    1. Follow all 7 Habits and school rules
    2. Be present at their stops 10 minutes before scheduled pickup time
    3. Obey the driver promptly
    4. Keep the bus clean
    5. Obey any bus patrol orders
    6. Refrain from teasing, scuffling, or creating a disturbance
    7. Keep arms, legs, and head inside the bus
    8. Stay seated when the bus is moving
    9. Keep all articles inside the bus; do not throw anything out windows
    10. Avoid transporting large items; items must fit under the seat
    11. Whisper
    12. Obtain permission before opening windows
    13. Ride their assigned bus
    14. Get off the bus at their assigned location only

    Fighting on the Bus

    Fighting on the bus could result in a three-day (3) suspension from school and an additional seven-day (7) suspension off the bus. Parents are responsible for transportation if children are suspended from the bus.