Shirts: Plain Polo-style or button up dress shirts with a collar (black or white). Shirts must be able to be tucked in at all times.  Excessively tight shirts will not be tolerated.  Appropriate undergarments must be worn but not visible.

    UndershirtsPlain black, gray or white ONLY.

    Belts:Plain black, brown, or tan ONLY – no decorative or large belt buckles. 

    Pants: Plain Khaki pants with no outside pockets; no jean style pants– no capri or rolled pants.

    Shorts/Skirts: – no shorter than 2 inches above the knee – plain khaki with no outside pockets.

    Jackets: Solid black, white, tan, or blue jean jackets can be worn during the day. No visible logos allowed.

    Sweatshirts/Sweaters: Solid white, black or tan.  Only those with official Berwick Panther logos will be allowed. No contrasting colors or stripes. Sweatshirts must be pullover in nature and may not have hoods.

    Shoes: A full shoe must be properly worn; boots and tall shoes must be pants covered.

    Socks: Socks must be visible and solid white, tan, or black.

    Jeans: Same criteria as the uniform pants - no capri or rolled pants. Blue or black jeans only are acceptable.

    Spirit shirts: The students have the option of wearing a school-approved, spirit shirt or a standard school uniform shirt.

    Accessories, book sacks, book covers, or any other item containing graffiti, or writing/symbols that are profane, disruptive, gang-related, violent, tobacco or alcohol-related language are not allowed. 

    ***Emblems are not allowed on any of the above items.  They must be removed or permanently covered with a patch or button. No tape is allowed.  *** 


    Jeans/Spirit Shirt Guidelines

    Students must adhere to the folowing:

    • No holes in jeans 
    • No capri or rolled pants
    • Jeans should be solid blue denim or black in color--no other colors allowed
    • Spirit shirt should be BHS Panthers shirt--no other school shirts allowed
    • IDs must be worn at all times


    Final dress code decisions are made by the school administrator.


    Formal dances have a variety of regulations and stipulations for attendance which will be posted and/or announced before each event. 

    Young Women Guidelines: Dresses should be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Gowns must have a solid front top, waist, and belly; a back with the opening no lower than the waistline; slits cannot be higher than mid-thigh.

    Young Men Guidelines: Strictly formal (Tux or Suit and Tie); Dress Shoes only – no ball caps. Shirts and ties are acceptable for Homecoming only. 


    • Be in Good Standing (poor attendance may eliminate you from graduation ceremonies).
    • Ladies wear a dress or business-like pants suit with tan, black, navy or brown dress shoes – no boots.
    • Gentlemen wear a solid, light-colored, shirt with a tie and black, navy, or brown slacks with brown or black dress shoes. No boots.