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  • Red Ribbon Week Slogan Contest Now Open

    Posted by District on 1/29/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Ms. Gidget Everitt, At-Risk Interventionist for St. Mary Parish Schools, has announced that the St. Mary Parish Red Ribbon Committee is now accepting slogan submissions for the 2018 – 2019 Red Ribbon Week Campaign! 

    Students in grades 7 - 12 are eligible to participate, and they can obtain a copy of the flyer and parental permission form from their teachers. The deadline to submit entries is Monday, Feb. 26. 

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  • Adjustments to School Calendars Released

    Posted by District on 1/23/2018 12:00:00 PM

    The St. Mary Parish School Board approved adjustments to the school calendar that resulted from weather-related closures throughout the 2017-2018 school year. The loss of instructional time will primarily be reinstated through the inclusion of emergency days annually identified as part of the school calendar. Severe weather conditions including Hurricane Harvey and extreme winter temperatures caused the district to close all schools for six days.

    In an effort to restore instructional time, the district will add the following days to the remaining school year:

    • February 14-16, 2018
    • March 15, 2018

    Additionally, Raintree Elementary will adjust its daily schedule by 20 minutes to resolve school days missed due to an interruption of the school’s water service. The revised schedule will mean that Raintree Elementary students will attend school from 8:00 AM to 3:20 PM beginning Monday, February 5th and ending Friday, April 27th. The extra minutes will help mitigate the additional three days Raintree was unable to hold classes.

    Superintendent Leonard Armato expressed his concern for the interruption of instruction and empathizes with issues raised regarding needed adjustments to the school calendar. “The school district is deeply mindful of the need to meet state instructional guidelines and ensure that students have every opportunity to receive classroom instruction that will adequately prepare them to attain promotional standards. Ongoing weather conditions have made it necessary to periodically close schools in order to maintain student safety as they travel to school each day. Our main priority is to offer students a safe and comprehensive education and the reinstatement of instructional time will support that endeavor.” 

    Full press release (Word) 

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  • St. Mary Parish Students of the Year Named

    Posted by District on 1/12/2018 12:00:00 PM

    Ms. Tammy Drexler, St. Mary Parish Chairperson for the Louisiana Students of the Year Award Program, has announced the winners of the district competition. Congratulations to our district winners:

    • Fifth Grade: Kelsey Brianne August, Raintree Elementary School
    • Eight Grade: Kaitlyn Waguespack, Morgan City Jr. High School
    • Twelfth Grade: Bailee Cabrini Hoggatt, Morgan City Sr. High School

    The Students of the Year Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding elementary, middle/junior, and high school students.  This program is an excellent opportunity to honor students from each parish who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, leadership, and citizenship. 

    The Students of the Year Award Program is sponsored by the Louisiana State Superintendent through the State Department of Education and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Parish winners will participate in the regional competition to be hosted in St. Mary Parish (5th grade), Jefferson Parish (8th grade), and St. Bernard Parish (12th grade) during the month of February.

    Congratulations, too, to all district students who participated in this event. The full press announcement (PDF) includes the names of additional district participants. 

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  • Health Advisory Issued by Louisiana Public Health

    Posted by District on 1/5/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Louisiana is seeing a busy and early flu season, with the majority of the viruses being the more severe Influenza A strains. The following actions can be taken to help prevent the spread of the flu virus

    • Encourage anyone who is sick with a fever of greater than 100.3 or any other cold symptoms to stay home. Advise them not to go to work, school, or engage in other public activities until they have been without symptoms for 24 hours.
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    • Call your doctor immediately to see if an antiviral medication is appropriate for you.
    • If you are sick, do not visit vulnerable loved ones who may be receiving care in a hospital, nursing home, cancer center, or other setting.
    • If you are sick, do not kiss babies, pregnant women, grandparents, and others who may be at a higher risk of getting sick.
    • Cover face when you cough and sneeze.
    • Try not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Wash hands frequently.
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs like the flu.
    • It’s not too late to get a flu shot.
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  • Guide for St. Mary Parish Schools Now Available on Website

    Posted by District on 9/5/2017

    The district's  "A Guide for St. Mary Parish Public Schools" is now available on our website. This digital version, which also contains PDF options for printing, allows the use of our website's Translate option to make the information accessible to a wider audience.

    The complete newspaper, including recent updates and additions, can be found in the Parents/Students channel or by using this link: A Guide to St. Mary Parish Schools. 

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  • Additional News Items

    Posted by District on 8/1/2017

    Additional new items can be found on the District News Archive page.

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Superintendent's Welcome

  •    Welcome to St. Mary Parish Schools
    Superintendent Armato
    St. Mary Parish is a school district committed to providing a quality education for all students. The district has worked to develop and maintain a reputation as an elite, proactive, and successful school district dedicated to student achievement as its top priority. As superintendent, it is my responsibility to place students at the forefront of all decision-making while supporting teachers with the necessary resources for effective instruction. Working together with stakeholders, my goal is to respect, support, and set high expectations for all employees to ensure a valuable, productive, and safe educational environment.
    I personally invite you to discover St. Mary Parish from this virtual environment. In addition to district and school directories, the website provides helpful information such as school board policies, cafeteria menus, bus routes, and links to individual websites for each of our 23 schools. Parents are encouraged to obtain login information from their child’s school to access attendance and class grades through the Student Progress Center. 
    Mr. Leonard J. Armato, Superintendent


  • FEMA Disaster Fraud

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 2/7/2018

    If you've been affected by a recent natural disaster, has some called and asked you to verify your FEMA registration?

    Multiple complaints have been filed by people who have been scammed by thieves pretending to be employees of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  These include survivors from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as victims of the California wildfires.

    • Victims have received phone calls asking them for personal information--even though they didn't apply for FEMA assistance.
    • When victims do try to apply for FEMA assistance, they discover that someone has already applied using their names because they receive a "verification error."
    • People claiming to be FEMA inspectors have been asking to gain entry to damaged homes. These individuals wear a shirt or jacket with the FEMA name, but they do not possess a FEMA photo ID badge.
    • Inspectors ask for money before starting an inspection. (Federal and state workers will never ask for or accept money.

    If you or someone you know may have fallen victim to or have knowledge of these types of frauds, visit the FEMA Disaster Fraud page for more information.

    Source: FEMA impersonators and identity theft

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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 1/13/2016

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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Character Counts!

  • February 19, 2018 - February 23, 2018

    Posted by Gidget Everitt on 2/19/2018

    Student:  "This morning, let go of everything you didn't do right, the negative things people have said, and focus on all you are becoming."  -Unknown


    Staff:  "Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once."  -Paulo Coelho

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