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  • The Office 365 portal link on district websites is now available. Users should use the portal to gain access to applications and email until further notice.

    New employees will be issued accounts as soon as the system upgrades are completed.

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Wildcat News

  • Elementary Virtual Classroom Expectations

    Posted by WES on 7/31/2020

    From St. Mary Parish School Board:

    Elementary Virtual Classroom Expectations

    In order to ensure our elementary children thrive within virtual learning, they will follow a normal instructional schedule. Teachers will provide the students with a daily schedule since schedules vary from school to school. Students will be expected to log-in to their computers at 8:00 AM. Teachers will deliver direct instruction to students throughout the day. However, they will not remain on the computer all day from 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM. For example, students may be instructed to complete an activity in a workbook or in their Class Notebooks in the Microsoft Teams app. The teacher will then set a time to meet back in the class to review the work. This type of cycle can be repeated numerous times throughout the lesson. The students will get breaks between classes, have recess time, lunch time, bathroom breaks, and even a 40 – 45 minute break where they can do things around the house or outside to take the place of PE, library or art. Teachers and students have a segment of the day for intervention and remediation time. During this time, assignments will be given and time will be provided so the teacher can schedule small group intervention or remediation with students. Students may be asked to read independently or to work on Zearn, if they are not working in a small group with the teacher. Additionally, teachers will be available for office hours if parents and student have questions. Parents, you will be given more specific details. We are just wanting to give you an example day for an elementary virtual student, so that you know what to expect.

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  • ClassDojo Update

    Posted by WES on 7/29/2020

    ClassDojo classes are currently being archived so students can be placed in their new classes.  If you are not receiving the information on ClassDojo, be sure to check here for information.

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  • Return to School Plans and Procedures

    Posted by WES on 7/20/2020

    Here is a basic overview of the things we will be doing to help maintain the safety of our students and faculty during this difficult time. I have started the process of calling parents - which will take time - but wanted to at least give you some basic information.
    1. We encourage parents to drop-off and pick-up your child through the car rider line. That will help us better maintain flow.

    2. Students will wash their hands when entering school, get breakfast, go to the classroom, and be temperature checked.

    3. Students will be monitored by the bathrooms to ensure that only the allotted amount of students are in there at any given time.

    4. Students' desks will be 4-6 ft. apart - to the extent possible - based on CDC Recommendations. Squares on the floor will mark each student's area.

    5. Students will wash their hands before breakfast, before/after recess, before/after lunch, and when exiting the bathroom.

    6. Parents are encouraged to send a water bottle with students. We will have areas for them to refill their bottles. Water fountains have been turned off.

    7. Teachers will do their own recess (2 a day now). Students may be taken outside, but may not play on the playground structure or mix with any class.

    8. Desks, light switches, door handles, etc. will be cleaned between each class transition.

    9. Students will transition in a manner so that they do not pass another class in the hallways.

    10. Students will have PE. They will have activities that do not allow them to touch each other.

    11. We will not have any assemblies or large groups at this time.

    12. Lunches will be in the classroom.

    13. Dismissal: Buses will be dismissed one at a time, followed by walkers/aftercare/bicycle students, then the car riders will be called to dismiss. Students have designated areas to sit 5 ft. apart.

    14. Students with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be removed from class and placed in a designated area. Parents will be called and must pick up the child.

    15. Students in grades 3-5 must wear a mask - we will have mask breaks throughout the day. They do not have to wear them while at PE, recess, or any meals.

    16. No person other than district staff may enter the main school building at any time. Persons visiting our school to drop off items for students must take care of business with the secretary at the new front security window.

    17. Any person entering the building (other than PreK-2nd graders) must wear a mask and be COVID-19 symptom free. Signage will be placed in the foyer of the new security area.
    There are many more processes and procedures that we are doing in order to maintain everyone's safety. These are just the basic ones that most people are asking about. I will continue making calls, but if you have concerns or other questions, please email me at tkelly@stmaryk12.net. I will be happy to discuss any issues with you.

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  • Important Info. from the Desk of Mrs. Kelly

    Posted by WES on 7/20/2020


    I received our survey results and will begin calling families that are considering Virtual Learning. Beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, July 21), I will have a table outside the gym door with applications. For an application to be considered, it must be complete and turned in NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JULY 27TH AS PER THE DISTRICT. I will have a closed box available to put completed applications. If you have concerns or questions and would like to talk, I am available tomorrow and Wednesday afternoon at school from noon to 4. You may also email me at tkelly@stmaryk12.net.


     More Information


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  • Homeschooling Information

    Posted by WES on 7/19/2020

    Information for those of you considering homeschooling. St. Mary Parish has virtual school available for K through five. Registration will be on August 1 at our school.


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  • A Message From Our Principal

    Posted by WES on 6/17/2020

    I would like to say, officially, I am so very excited to be selected as the Principal of Wyandotte. We are already diligently planning for an awesome 2020-21 school year. I have come to love Wyandotte as my family and look forward to serving the needs of our students!

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  • Dojo Information

    Posted by WES on 6/17/2020

    Dojo classes are in the process of being archived. If you need assistance and aren't able to reach a staff member, Mrs. Kelly would be happy to help you.


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  • 2020-2021 School Supply List

    Posted by WES on 5/29/2020

    I have attached a file of school supplies for the year. It is ADJUSTED. EPI has everything the student needs for the year. The list below is cut down from the EPI list and students will need to replace items throughout the year. This list will help you know what your student will need for the first day of school.

    The EPI online sale will be open until June 14th. All supply packs bought through EPI will arrive at the school at the end of July and placed in your child's homeroom class. Their supply pack will have their name on it and contain all supplies for the entire year.

    Remember, purchasing through EPI is not mandatory. It is just offered for your convenience. It will allow you to shop from your home, not have to go back and replace items through the year, and not have to visit the stores in all the craziness of COVID-19.

    School Supply List

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  • PreK and K Registration

    Posted by WES on 5/28/2020
    We still have room for PreK and K students. Registration is open and available Monday through Fridays from 8am to noon at the gym entrance. We are in need of more K students to continue with 3 K classes. If you know someone that has a student to register and is not yet part of our Wyandotte Family, please help spread the word.

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  • 2020-2021 Calendar Posted

    Posted by WES on 5/20/2020

    The 2020-2021 school calendar was posted under the calendar link.

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  • Wyandotte Elementary School Mission Statement:

    Wyandotte's staff will teach so that all students can learn.


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Character Counts!

  • March 9, 2020 - March 13, 2020

    Posted by Gidget Everitt on 3/6/2020

    Student: "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  -John Wooden


    Staff: "Be brave, teachers. Today you may face big challenges, impossible tasks or difficult problems. Or you may not, and your students might. Whatever the case, put on your brave face and teach on!"   -Unknown

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  • Be Wary of Open Enrollment Scams

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 11/13/2019

    Two important deadlines are quickly approaching for adding or changing your health coverage if you use one of the following options: 

    • Medicare:  December 7
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA): December 15

    Gretchen Abraham from the FTC's Division of Consumer & Business Education has shared the following tips on the Federal Trade Commission's website to help you avoid being scammed:

    For Medicare:

    • There are no Medicare sales representatives. Anyone who tried to sell you Medicare insurance is a scammer. 
    • You do NOT have to join a prescription drug plan to keep your Medicare insurance. Medicare Part D is voluntary and has nothing to do with your regular Medicare coverage.
    • Telephone scammers posing as "official agents" may ask for personal information, offer free equipment or services, ask for a quick payment, or threaten you. Just hang up.
    • Help with Medicare is available at medicare.gov or 1-800-MEDICARE.

    For Affordable Care Act:

    • Compare plans and quality ratings at healthcare.gov, where you can also enroll.
    • This year, you can also sign up for an ACA plan directly with certain certified partners.  Make sure a company is on the Certified Partner list before giving them your information. 
    • After you apply for ACA, you may get a phone call from the Marketplace asking you to verify information or supply additional information. If you are unsure about trusting the caller, ask the representative to mail you a letter with instructions for completing your application.
    • Help for ACA is available from the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596.  You can also meet with a local assistant in your community who will offer free assistance. Local assistance can be found through the Local Assistance tool.
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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 8/5/2019

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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