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District Notifications

  • Dr. Teresa Bagwell, Superintendent of St. Mary Parish Schools, has posted an open letter to parents and students on the district website

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  • To participate in the Meals-to-You program, which will deliver packages of shelf stable breakfasts and lunches/suppers to the homes of children ages 1-18, all parents/guardians will need to complete an online application form and submit it by Tuesday, March 31th (updated date).Access to the online form is available at  https://mealstoyou.org/emergency-meals-to-you-application/.  More information on this program can be found on the district website

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Wyandotte E-Flyers

Wildcat News

  • St. Mary Parish Parent Information

    Posted by Tammilee Kelly on 3/30/2020

    Our district is putting together a second packet forall K-12 students to work on. We will have a drive through set up like we did with the report cards. New packets will be available on Monday, April 6th from 3:30 - 5:30 pm. Report cards that were not picked up may also be picked up at that time. Please be monitoring our school website and district website for more information.

    The district is also working on updating the Parent Link on the St. Mary Pairish Schools site to incorporate more free educational links and information. It should be updated completely by next week.

    Teachers will be connecting with parents on Class DOJO. If you did not create an account and do not have access to your child's class, please email Mrs. Kelly at tkelly@stmaryk12.net and I'll work to help you get set up. Teachers will also try to make calls beginning this week to check on students. We are all missing our kids a great deal and just need to hear your sweet voices.

    We are beginning to order school supplies for the next school year. If you don't want to bother looking for items or go through the hassle of going to the store, order from the link below. It is not a fundraiser and the school gets no profit from it. We just want to give you the opportunity for convenience. All items in the kits are name-brand items.

    Stay tuned for more information.


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  • 2020-21 School Supply Packs

    Posted by WES on 3/24/2020

    2020-21 School Supply Packs Shop Now Sale Ends: 6/14 Order Online www.EducationalProducts.com/SjopPacks School ID WYA012



    Head Start for next school year...

    Parents, since we are not at school, we are not able to pass out our school supply fliers for the 2020-21 school year. We will be using EPI School Supplies for convenience purposes. This is not an endorsement for you to purchase through the program, but a convenience for those of you who do not wish to shop in the stores. All school supply packs for the year for each grade are under $50 with the exception of 5th grade at $51. If you order a pack, you child will receive it the first day of school in their homeroom. Each pack comes with the child's name on it. Pass this information on please.

    We will have supply lists available in Walmart during the summer if you do not wish to order online.

    School ID: WYA012

    Sale Ends: 6/14/20

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  • Feeding Program

    Posted by WES on 3/23/2020

    The Feeding Program has been suspended in accordance with the Stay-at-Home Order issued by Governor John Bel Edwards.

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  • St. Mary Instrument Return

    Posted by WES on 3/17/2020

    Band Students:

    Band students that have a St. Mary Parish instrument can turn it in to the school on Wednesday or Thursday between the hours of 8 AM and 1 PM of this week. Please buzz the front door and we will come to you.

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  • Emergency Feeding Program Information

    Posted by WES on 3/17/2020

    St. Mary Parish Schools will begin an emergency feeding program for students beginning Monday, March 23, 2020. The program will continue throughout the school shutdown, ending on Thursday, April 9, 2020. Students will be able to pick-up meals each weekday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM at the following school sites:

    • Franklin Junior High School, 525 Morris Street, Franklin, LA 70538                
    • Patterson Junior High School, 225 Catherine Street, Patterson, LA 70392  
    • Morgan City Junior High School, 911 Marguerite Street, Morgan City, LA 70380

    A “Grab N’ Go” breakfast and lunch will be served curbside at each designated site. No meals will be able to be eaten on-site. Any child age 18 or under is eligible to receive the free meals and must be present to pick-up a meal. The health and well-being of our students is of utmost priority and the school system is committed to providing students with continued meal service to the degree possible while our schools are closed.

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  • Attention Wyandotte Parents!

    Posted by WES on 3/16/2020

    UPDATE: 3-17-20 6:30 AM

    Report Cards will be available in the following manner:

    1. CARS ONLY from 12:30 - 2:30. Please come through the car rider line and do not get out of your vehicle. We will give you the report card and student work.

    2. WALKERS and PEOPLE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE EARLIER TIME can come from 3:30 - 5:30: Walkers will come up to the front awning and wait to be helped. Car riders, please follow the regular car rider procedures - we will hand you the report card and student work.

    Any report cards/work not picked up today will be held until students return to school ONLY.

    Thank you for understanding.

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  • Important News about School Closure:

    Posted by Tammilee Kelly on 3/13/2020

    We will be out from Monday March 16th to April 20th. This includes our originally scheduled Spring Break. I will text more once I get any further clarification from the parish. Right now is chaotic so we ask that you help us by letting others you know get this information. We also ask that unless you have an emergency, please do not call the front office. I will continually update JText, DOJO, and our school website as we get information. Thank you.

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  • Coronavirus Preparations For Parents

    Posted by WES on 3/6/2020

    From Mr. Stadalis:  Please be advised that the following recommendations represent best-practices for promoting good health in our community and in our schools.

    At Home and School:

    • The most effective precaution is to wash hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water
    • Avoid touching nose, eyes, and mouth with your hands
    • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneeze using a tissue, then dispose of the tissue immediately
    • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick
    • Do not send students to school who are sick
    • Student absenteeism will be closely monitored
    • Communicate with the school nurse and/or administrator if your child is absent due to respiratory illness, common cold, or flu-like symptoms
    • If any COVID-19 cases are reported in the community, St. Mary Parish Schools will receive further guidance from local health officials and from the Louisiana Department of Health

    School-Wide Preparation:

    • Frequently touched surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, desks, tables) are being cleaned frequently with effective disinfectants
    • An ample supply of disinfectants is available at all schools
    • Proper hygiene practices are being emphasized to students
    • Daily student attendance is being closely monitored
    • Any critical information or updates will be posted on the district and school websites, notifications will also be sent to local media outlets
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  • Red Ribbon Week Preparations Continue

    Posted by WES on 3/2/2020

    From Ms. Gidget Everitt: Winners of the Red Ribbon Week Slogan Contest are Sophie Dufrene (Maitland Elementary) and Aiden Sherville (St. John Elementary), who submitted the slogan that will serve as the theme of 2020 Red Ribbon Week activities:

    “Don’t Huff, Don’t Puff, STAY AWAY FROM THAT STUFF! Be Drug-Free!”

    The selection of a slogan marks the opening of the Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest, which is open to artists of all ages.  The deadline for entering the contest if Friday, March 20, 2020, at 4:00 PM.  Guidelines for entries can be found on this website under Wyandotte E-Flyers also known as Peachjar.

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  • Everyone Counts!

    Posted by WES on 2/21/2020

     2020 Census Everyone Counts!

    Wyandotte Elementary is participating in the U. S. Census Bureau's Statistics in Schools (SIS) program to unite schools around the country in an effort to count every child in the 2020 Census. 

    The national census is conducted every 10 years. Data from this census is used to determine funding for many programs including special education, classroom technology, teacher training, after-school programs, and school lunch assistance. 

    In mid-March, your family should begin receiving official Census 2020 mail with instructions on how to respond. By April 1, 2020, every home should receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. You will have three options for responding:

    • Online
    • By phone
    • By mail

    Wyandotte Elementary urges every family to participate.  More information can be found in our Peachjar E-Flyers area. 

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  • Wyandotte Elementary School Mission Statement:

    Wyandotte's staff will teach so that all students can learn.


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Character Counts!

  • March 9, 2020 - March 13, 2020

    Posted by Gidget Everitt on 3/6/2020

    Student: "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  -John Wooden


    Staff: "Be brave, teachers. Today you may face big challenges, impossible tasks or difficult problems. Or you may not, and your students might. Whatever the case, put on your brave face and teach on!"   -Unknown

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  • Be Wary of Open Enrollment Scams

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 11/13/2019

    Two important deadlines are quickly approaching for adding or changing your health coverage if you use one of the following options: 

    • Medicare:  December 7
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA): December 15

    Gretchen Abraham from the FTC's Division of Consumer & Business Education has shared the following tips on the Federal Trade Commission's website to help you avoid being scammed:

    For Medicare:

    • There are no Medicare sales representatives. Anyone who tried to sell you Medicare insurance is a scammer. 
    • You do NOT have to join a prescription drug plan to keep your Medicare insurance. Medicare Part D is voluntary and has nothing to do with your regular Medicare coverage.
    • Telephone scammers posing as "official agents" may ask for personal information, offer free equipment or services, ask for a quick payment, or threaten you. Just hang up.
    • Help with Medicare is available at medicare.gov or 1-800-MEDICARE.

    For Affordable Care Act:

    • Compare plans and quality ratings at healthcare.gov, where you can also enroll.
    • This year, you can also sign up for an ACA plan directly with certain certified partners.  Make sure a company is on the Certified Partner list before giving them your information. 
    • After you apply for ACA, you may get a phone call from the Marketplace asking you to verify information or supply additional information. If you are unsure about trusting the caller, ask the representative to mail you a letter with instructions for completing your application.
    • Help for ACA is available from the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596.  You can also meet with a local assistant in your community who will offer free assistance. Local assistance can be found through the Local Assistance tool.
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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 8/5/2019

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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