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  • Raintree Summer Safari Camp

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 5/27/2019

    camp bus pick up
    Camp begins on June 10th. Hours are from 8 to 1 each day. No camp on July 4th and 5th.

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  • Lowe's Tools for Schools

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 5/14/2019

    Lowes grant
    We are grateful for receiving a grant from Lowe's in our ongoing efforts to improve our campus and teach scholars more about the environment. Awesome in our quest to "Prepare for Life."

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  • Worm Factory

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 5/13/2019

    worm factory

    With the help of Recycle Rally we were able to obtain a Worm Factory!

    Composting with worms allows you to turn kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient-rich soil for your plants. The Worm Factory 360 composting system makes the entire process quick and easy. With a thermo siphon air flow design, the Worm Factory 360 increases the composting speed. Now you can produce compost much faster than traditional composting methods.

    Americans throw away 34 million tons of food waste into landfills each year, more than any other type of waste (EPA.gov). While traditional backyard composting has its place, the process can take up to two years and rotating it can become a chore. Worm composting uses worms to do the work of breaking down waste and is more efficient and easier to manage than a traditional backyard compost pile. In addition, its compact design makes it perfect for use in any household.

    Worm composting makes it easy to recycle kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants, creating a more sustainable lifestyle by recycling and improving soil quality. The Worm Factory 360 houses thousands of composting worms in a compact space. These worms work 24/7 to efficiently produce highly beneficial, rich compost packed with microbes and water-soluble plant nutrients.

    This eliminates all the work of traditional composting and yields a much more valuable end product. Worm compost has been proven to have ten times the nutrients of traditional backyard compost. The more nutrients that are available to your plants, the larger they grow and the more bountiful your harvest is. This system allows you to enjoy organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown with the help of your kitchen scraps.

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  • Family Fun Day

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 4/22/2019

    family fun day
    Make plans to join us Friday, May 17th at 12:30 p.m for Family Fun Day

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  • KATC Tools for Schools

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 3/22/2019

    Tools for schools
    Thanks to KATC and Mrs. Olivier for awarding us with equipment we can use outside during recess.

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  • Monday Club Meeting Schedule

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 3/21/2019

    clubs march 25

    March 25, 2019 clubs meeting are Debate, Eaglettes, and Community Service
    For the sight impaired, we will post the names of the clubs meeting each week here on the Tuesday before the next meeting day.

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  • Announcing Honors

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 12/20/2018

    Congratulations on being awarded Employee of the Year, Student of the Year, and Teacher of the Year!

    Teacher of the Year

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  • Instructional Goal

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 12/19/2018

    School Wide Instructional Goal
    Raintree Elementary's School Performance Score will grow from a 65 to a 75 by scoring mastery or advanced in ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
    Give Me 10!

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  • Coat Donation

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 12/6/2018

    coat donation

    We are grateful for the donation of coats given by the Little Pass Baptist Church of Charenton in conjunction with 15 affiliated churches in St. Mary Parish.

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  • Eat Move Grow Tip of the Week

    Posted by Raintree Scholar on 8/25/2018

    eat move grow

    Eat, Move, Grow Tip of the Week
    Provide healthy snack choices.

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  • Scam-Free Vacations

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 5/23/2019

    In her article Make It a Scam-Free Vacation, Lisa Lake from the Federal Trade Commission offers steps to prevent your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare.

    First: Do your homework.

    • In addition to getting recommendations from family and friends, do some online research on travel companies, hotels and agents with the words scam, review, or complaint. 
    • Consider extra costs.  Resort fees and taxes can add $50 or more to a nightly hotel cost.
    • Before you book, read the cancellation and refund policies for any destination.
    • Only buy travel insurance from a licensed agent.
    • Bring a copy of the trip confirmation details, including the rate and extras you were promised.

    Second: Be travel smart.

    • Don't pay for "prize" vacations. No real company will ask you to pay for a prize--and be careful about booking with a resort or timeshare offer, which may include the need to pay taxes or fees, plus high-pressure sales pitches. 
    • Don't sign anything until you know what you are getting.
    • Use a credit card, which gives you more protection than paying with cash or a debit card.

    Third: Protect your identity.

    • Take only the IDs and credit/debit cards you really need.  Also, make copies of these, too, and carry the copies in a separate location so that you can more easily report lost or stolen cards.
    • Bring a copy of your insurance card. 
    • Don't assume a Wi-Fi hotspot in a hotel, restaurant, or airport is secure. Avoid using mobile apps that require personal or financial information or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. 


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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 1/13/2016

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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