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  • Change in Pickup Procedure for Car Riders Today (Thursday, April 4)

    Posted by District on 4/4/2019 10:00:00 AM

    At the request of the Morgan City Police Department, Norman Elementary students who are car riders will be bused to the Tampico's parking lot entrance to facilitate pickup. Children will be accompanied by teachers who will stay with them until they are picked up by parents any time after 2:30 PM.

    Street flooding in the area of Norman Elementary is preventing normal pick-up procedures. 


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  • April at Norman

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 4/1/2019 3:15:00 PM

    Testing has started today at M. E. Norman Elementary.  Our teachers and students have worked all year to prepare for their important tests.  I'm sure they are ready.  This week the 4th grade will be testing all week ... April 1st through the 5th.   The 5th grade LEAP test will be divided into 2 weeks.   They will test from April 8th through the 10th and then again April 24th through the 26th.  Finally the 3rd graders will be testing from April 29th through May 3rd.  

    Several grade levels have field trips coming up this month and next month.  Please check your child's folder each day for more information and permission slips.  

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  • M. E. Norman Introduces Breakfast in the Classroom

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 2/6/2019 8:00:00 AM

    The last several weeks our students have been eating their breakfast in the classroom! We have a message from St. Mary Parish Food Service Supervisor, Mrs. Claire Guarisco.

    "M. E. Norman Elementary was chosen to pilot a new breakfast program called Breakfast in the Classroom. Since the program began on January 22, 2019, all students have had the opportunity to eat a well-balanced, nutritious complimentary breakfast every day in their classroom. Breakfast is provided at no charge to all students in the school. As students enter school, they receive a breakfast in a bag to take to their classrooms to enjoy. After the students have enjoyed their breakfast, which takes approximately 10 minutes, they are ready to learn! Breakfast participation rates have more than doubled with the start of the new breakfast service."

    A big thanks goes out to all of our cafeteria staff for making this such a smooth transition into our new breakfast program.


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  • Norman Welcomes Three New Teachers

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 1/10/2019 3:00:00 PM

    I hope you all enjoyed your holiday break.   This NEW Year has brought more changes to Norman Elementary.  We would like to welcome 3 new teachers to our Norman Team.  Our new kindergarten teacher is Ms. Ocean Armond.  Ms. Armond is a recent graduate of Nicholl's State University.  Ms. Hayley Spanier is our new first grade teacher, and Ms. Beth Landry is our new Resource teacher.  All of our new teachers have been working hard to ensure that our students are in a productive learning environment.  The students have done a wonderful job adapting to their new teachers and new schedules.

    In other news, we will be starting our World's Finest Chocolate Sales on January 14th.  The sale will continue through February 4th.  Please consider supporting our school by purchasing your World's Finest Chocolate from our students.

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  • M. E. Norman Achieves a "B" on It's Report card.

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 12/4/2018 5:30:00 PM

    School Report cards are in.  M. E. Norman is now a "B" School. 

    In addition, Norman Elementary has recieved two other distinguished honors.  We are a Top Gains School, and we are on the equity honor roll.  

    Top Gains schools are those schools demonstrating exceptional student progress earning an “A” for student progress, ensuring that students meet or exceed their learning goals each year. Top Gains schools must also not be persistently struggling with subgroups or student behavior.

    Schools on the equity honor roll are demonstrating excellence in serving economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and/or English language learners. These schools also must not be persistently struggling with any student subgroups or student behavior.


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  • Book Fair in Progress

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 12/4/2018 5:00:00 PM

    The M. E. Norman Scholastic Book Fair is happening this week at Norman.  A schedule was sent home for the Grandparent. Please check the schedule to see what day your child's homeroow will have their lunch.  Grandparents are allowed to shop at the bookfair with their grandchildren after the lunch.   If you miss the grandparent's lunch, the students are still allowed to shop during their regular library time, before school, or at recess time.

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  • November at Norman

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 11/9/2018 4:00:00 PM

    Wow!  This has been a busy month.  Thanks to all the parents and staff that worked hard to make our Fall Fest a success.  Although we had to move the games inside, I think it worked out well for everyone involved.  I hope you all had a great time.

    We have one more week of school before we are out for the Thanksgiving break.  We’re already half way through the 2nd nine weeks period.  Progress reports will be going out on the 14th of November. 

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  • School Supply Lists

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 6/24/2018 7:00:00 AM

    We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer vacation.  However, I know it's that time of year where a lot of parents will start preparing for the upcoming school year. In order for you to start preparing and finding those great deals on school supplies, we are posting our school supply lists for the 2018 - 2019 school year.  

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  • Lots of Resources for You and Your Children

    Posted by Anita Billiot on 12/11/2017

    We have been making several changes to the website, so I wanted to share some of the things you can find on here.  We have LOTS of resources that can help you and your child.

     One of the newest resources that I liated is on the blue bar at the top of our site.  It's a link for Spelling City for our Reading Wonders spelling words.  When you click on that link.  Go to your child's grade level and click on the link that says "2014 Reading Wonders/On Level Spelling."  It will give you a list of the Lessons that we have throughout the year.  http://www.spellingcity.com/reading-wonders.html


    We have tons of other resources listed under the link at the top of the page that says "academics."  There should be something here for children of all ages.    https://www.stmaryk12.net/domain/242


    Finally, if you look under the "Faculty" tab, each grade level has a page.  Within the grade level pages, each teacher has linked some of their favorite websites.  In many cases, the teachers have put links to the same webpages and resources that they are using in the classroom.  Faculty Link


    There are many more resources on our website for both parents and teachers.  When you get a chance I hope you take the time to explore the links.  Any questions you have about our website can be directed to our webmaster.  


    Webmaster e-mail

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  • Stay current with our new blog.

    Posted by Web Administrator on 12/1/2017

    Norman News

    View old news items on our News Archives page.

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Character Counts!


  • Older Adults Are Hard Hit by Tech Support Scams

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 4/5/2019

    Online crooks have been exploiting our fear of computer hacking for quite some time. Through a phone call or pop-up warning on your computer, the scammers make you believe that your computer is compromised. They often claim to be from Microsoft or Apple, and they can spoof phone numbers so that the calls appear to be genuine.

    Here's the scam: The crooks convince people to hand over remote access to their computers and then proceed to "troubleshoot." Then, they ask for credit card information to cover the cost of repairs that didn't really happen. At the same time, the crooks can and download all files and email messages while they have access to the computer. They can also install spyware that lets them gather information in the future. 

    Last year, people reported losing $55 million to tech support scams. Credit cards were used most often for payment, and that's good--credit card companies can reverse fraudulent charges. However, some crooks tricked victims into giving them the PIN numbers on the back of iTunes or Google Play gift cards--and that money is simply gone.

    People over 60 were five times more likely to report losing money to these scams. Help your family understand how to avoid these scams:

    • Do not click any links or call a phone number that pops up on your computer screen warning of a problem.
    • Hang up on unexpected calls from anyone who claims to be tech support.
    • Don't believe your Caller ID--phone numbers can easily be spoofed.
    • Never give control of your computer or share passwords with anyone who contacts you.
    • Keep your security software up-to-date. 
    • If you need help, contact a family member or a computer technician that you trust.  Don't rely on a web search.

    If you've already been scammed, change any passwords you've shared and scan your computer for malware. If you gave out a credit card number, call the credit card company, and check your statement for unexpected charges. 

    Finally, if you get a new call about a supposed refund for computer-support scam victims, it's just more scam--hang up immediately.

    Source: Fletcher, Emily. "Older adults hardest hit by tech support scams." Federal Trade Commission. 7 March 2019. Available: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/blogs/data-spotlight/2019/03/older-adults-hardest-hit-tech-support-scams

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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 1/13/2016

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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