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  • First Day of School

    Posted by M. E. Norman School Web Administrator on 8/1/2019 8:00:00 PM

    The first day of school for the students will be August 8, 2019.  On August 8th, the doors will be open at 7:30 for parents and students. Support personnel will have the class lists and they will direct you to the correct classroom.  Here is some additional information you will need to know before school begins.

    • Some of the bus routes have changed and some have been omitted.  Please check the St. Mary Parish bus schedules to make sure that your child is at the correct bus stop at the correct time.
    • Students must be dressed in their school uniforms.
    • The students will need to bring all of their supplies to the classroom on the first day of school.  The supply lists for all grade levels are all listed on a previous blog entry. 
    • Breakfast in the Classroom will begin n August 8th. 
    • Kindergarten will begin classes on August 8th also.
    • Pre-K will not begin on August 8, 2019.  Please check our school calendar for more info about pre-k. 
    • Please check the M. E. Norman school calendar on our website for more important dates for our school.


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  • School Supply List for the 2019 -2020 School Year

    Posted by M. E. Norman School Web Administrator on 7/1/2019 5:00:00 PM

    I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  However, with all the great sales out there, some of you may want to be preparing your children for the new school year.  The school supply lists for the 2019 - 2020 school year have been posted.  School Supply Lists   

    Enjoy the remainder of your summer.  We will see you on August 8th! 

    I have an update for this page.  When trying to get to each school supply from the phone, it was difficult to navigate to each individual school supply list.  So, I put a link for each individual grade level. I hope this helps.

    Pre-K Supply List

    Kindergarten Supply List

    First Grade Supply List

    Second Grade Supply List

    Third Grade Supply List

    Fourth Grade Supply List

    Fifth Grade Supply List

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  • M. E. Norman Achieves a "B" on It's Report card.

    Posted by M. E. Norman School Web Adminsitrator on 12/4/2018 5:30:00 PM

    School Report cards are in.  M. E. Norman is now a "B" School. 

    In addition, Norman Elementary has recieved two other distinguished honors.  We are a Top Gains School, and we are on the equity honor roll.  

    Top Gains schools are those schools demonstrating exceptional student progress earning an “A” for student progress, ensuring that students meet or exceed their learning goals each year. Top Gains schools must also not be persistently struggling with subgroups or student behavior.

    Schools on the equity honor roll are demonstrating excellence in serving economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and/or English language learners. These schools also must not be persistently struggling with any student subgroups or student behavior.


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  • Stay current with our new blog.

    Posted by Web Administrator on 12/1/2017

    Norman News

    View old news items on our News Archives page.

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  • Unwanted Calls to Your Mobile Phone?

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 8/21/2019

    Unwanted calls not only interrupt your daily activities: Many of them are intended to scam you. 

    • Your best option is a call-blocking application, which can stop scam phone calls before they are answered. Some apps also silence calls from unknown numbers and send suspicious calls straight to voice mail. Some call-blocking apps are free, but it may be worth a few dollars to get one that is highly rated. You can also check to see if your mobile phone carrier has its own call-blocking app. 
    • Another way to stop these calls is to use the Do Not Disturb setting, which can silence all calls from unrecognized numbers between certain hours of the day or send them straight to voice mail. 
    • Finally, remember to block the numbers for any robocalls you have accidentally answered.

    Additionally, if you've accidentally answered a scam call, you can report the number of the caller and the call-back number to the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov/calls.  According to Megan Gordon's article dated August 23, 2019, the FTC used these reports to take action against scammers in Operation Call it Quits in June, during which it filed 94 actions against illegal robocallers. 

     same text as article above

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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 1/13/2016

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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