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  • Louisiana Week T-shirt orders due Wed., April 10th at NOON

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 4/4/2019

    Louisiana Week t-shirt orders are due Wednesday, April 10th at noon. Students are allowed to wear LA week t-shirts every day of LA week and they may also be worn as spirit shirts on any Friday. 

    You may view the design here.

    Order forms were sent home, but you may view and print one here or get another copy from the front office. 

    Please make checks payable to BES or send the exact amount in cash.  

    Order deadline is Wednesday , April 10th at noon. Orders will not be accepted after this deadline. 


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  • Yearbook Orders due Friday, April 5th

    Posted by BES Admin on 4/3/2019

    Yearbooks are on sale! The deadline to order is Friday, April 5th. The cost of the all color yearbook is $25. You can add your child's name stamped on the cover for only $3 more. 

    Don't miss this opportunity to preserve your child's memories! 

    To order your yearbook, go to or click here and use school code 19513. 

    You can check out using a major credit card or eCheck. 


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  • Dismissal changes due to flood gate closures

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 3/13/2019

    All flood gates except Texas Street are now closed. For the time being, parents will be allowed to turn left onto Texas if they are coming from Second or Third Street. Also, starting tomorrow, Second Street car riders will be picked up on Texas Street in the afternoon. Please be patient and drive with caution so we can keep our children safe. Thank you.

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  • Family Picnic!

    Posted by BES Admin on 3/13/2019

    B. E. S. will soon host its seventh annual family picnic. Parents and grandparents are invited to have lunch with their child/children on the selected day. In hopes of good weather, we have chosen two dates:

    Thursday, March 21st or Tuesday, March 26th

    The date will be chosen based on the weather and the probability of being able to picnic outside. You will receive a school-wide message as soon as we know the date. The schedule for the picnic is as follows:

    Group #1:        11:00-12:00     K, 1 and 2 will picnic with their class and parents on the playground.

    Prek will picnic with their class and parents in their play area.

    Group #2:       12:30-1:30       3, 4, and 5 will picnic with their class and parents on the playground.

    Upon your arrival at school, which should be no earlier than 10:45 or 12:15, you must wait for your children on the playground. The teachers will have signs with their names to make it easier to find your group.

    *Family members who are attending the picnic must bring their own lunch. If you have more than one child in the two different groups, you must picnic at one time with all children. Children will not be allowed to attend both sessions, so be sure they know when you will be here. Please fill out the bottom portion of this form completely. If your children are in the same group but different classes, you will all be allowed to sit together. Please bring a blanket or sheet for yourself and your children.


    A digital copy of the form can be viewed and printed here.

    A Spanish copy of the form can be viewed and printed here.

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  • Flood Gate Closures

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 3/11/2019

    Due to the rising waters, the town of Berwick has had to close some of the flood gates.  Currently, the Mound Street gate, which is used for afternoon dismissal on Second Street, is still open.  If this gate closes, an electronic text will be sent to parents, and those car riders who are normally picked up on Second Street will be picked up on Texas Street near the main building. 

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  • Vocabulary Celebration - Thursday, 2/28

    Posted by BES Admin on 2/15/2019

    This year we are excited to announce that we are hosting a Vocabulary Celebration in honor of Literacy Week in the month of February. All students are invited to participate, but this is not mandatory. On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, students will be allowed to dress like a unique vocabulary word. We are encouraging words that students will have to look for the meaning in the dictionary such as abundance, ponderous, vaporize, illuminate and so forth. Please try to be creative as possible because prizes will be awarded. Costumes and materials have to be school appropriate. The word and definition should be displayed big enough for others to see somewhere on the student. We are excited and look forward to seeing what the students create.

    In order to be considered for a prize, this sheet (download and print here) must be completed and turned in to your teacher by February 28th, 2019.  


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  • Calling All Artists!

    Posted by BES Admin on 2/13/2019

    The St. Mary Parish Student Art Show, which targets students who are creative and love to sketch, paint, or sculpt, is a wonderful opportunity to share visual art talents with people across St. Mary Parish as well as individuals visiting the district for the Mardi Gras season. Artwork will remain on display for public viewing throughout the month of March at the Artists Guild Unlimited of Morgan City.

    Winners will be chosen and honored at an Awards Reception to be held at the close of the show.

    All St. Mary students (public and non-public) are invited to enter artwork. Students may pick up an entry form with additional details in the front office of any district school. Copies of the form and more information can be viewed and printed here.

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  • AR Home Connection

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 2/5/2019

    The link to the AR Home Connection site has changed.  The new link is

    This site gives parents access to your child's AR account to view books read, AR quizzes taken, and how many points students have earned.  Parents can also sign up to receive emails each time your child takes an AR quiz. 

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  • $2 Jeans and Shirt of Choice! Monday, 1/28

    Posted by BES Admin on 1/25/2019

    Quarterfest will be held February 7th at the Berwick Civic Center (5:30-7:30). To help offset the cost of hosting the carnival (prizes, food, games, etc.) we are having a $2 jeans and school-appropriate shirt of choice day on Monday, January 28th. If your child would like to participate, please send $2 (per child) to school on Monday. If you would like to donate more than $2, it would be much appreciated. Students who wear boots MUST bring tennis shoes for PE. 

    Quarterfest presale tickets will be sold January 29th - February 4th.  Tickets will also be sold at the door the night of Quarterfest if you miss the presale. 

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  • 100th Day of School - Thursday, January 24th

    Posted by BES Admin on 1/14/2019

    B. E. S. will celebrate the 100th day of school on Thursday, January 24th. Students may decorate a shirt with 100 school-appropriate items of choice and wear it to school with uniform bottoms on this day.

    Sample items you can use to decorate your shirt are listed below. Please note that these are just examples and is not an all-inclusive list. Examples: Kittens, puppies, numbers 1-100, race cars, crayons, cotton balls, basketballs, footballs, shoes, pencils, books, crowns.

    Happy 100th day of school! 

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  • Older Adults Are Hard Hit by Tech Support Scams

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 4/5/2019

    Online crooks have been exploiting our fear of computer hacking for quite some time. Through a phone call or pop-up warning on your computer, the scammers make you believe that your computer is compromised. They often claim to be from Microsoft or Apple, and they can spoof phone numbers so that the calls appear to be genuine.

    Here's the scam: The crooks convince people to hand over remote access to their computers and then proceed to "troubleshoot." Then, they ask for credit card information to cover the cost of repairs that didn't really happen. At the same time, the crooks can and download all files and email messages while they have access to the computer. They can also install spyware that lets them gather information in the future. 

    Last year, people reported losing $55 million to tech support scams. Credit cards were used most often for payment, and that's good--credit card companies can reverse fraudulent charges. However, some crooks tricked victims into giving them the PIN numbers on the back of iTunes or Google Play gift cards--and that money is simply gone.

    People over 60 were five times more likely to report losing money to these scams. Help your family understand how to avoid these scams:

    • Do not click any links or call a phone number that pops up on your computer screen warning of a problem.
    • Hang up on unexpected calls from anyone who claims to be tech support.
    • Don't believe your Caller ID--phone numbers can easily be spoofed.
    • Never give control of your computer or share passwords with anyone who contacts you.
    • Keep your security software up-to-date. 
    • If you need help, contact a family member or a computer technician that you trust.  Don't rely on a web search.

    If you've already been scammed, change any passwords you've shared and scan your computer for malware. If you gave out a credit card number, call the credit card company, and check your statement for unexpected charges. 

    Finally, if you get a new call about a supposed refund for computer-support scam victims, it's just more scam--hang up immediately.

    Source: Fletcher, Emily. "Older adults hardest hit by tech support scams." Federal Trade Commission. 7 March 2019. Available:

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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 1/13/2016

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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