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  • Report Card and Supply Pickup

    Posted by BES Admin on 5/21/2020

    Report card and supply pickup will be Tuesday, May 26th, 8:00-10:00 as follows:

    Students/Families with last names A-F will pick up on Second Street.

    Students/Families with last names G-L will pick up on Texas Street.

    Students/Families with last names M-Z will pick up on Fourth Street.

    Remain in your car, and no one will be allowed to pick up bags for family members, neighbors, friends, etc. 

    Please try to have a clearly visible car sign in your window. If you have more than one child with different last names, report to the area that corresponds to your oldest child's last name. 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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  • Free AR Book Info!

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 4/27/2020

    Looking for free AR books to read?
    Check out these eBooks vendors that are giving us free trials.

    MyOn Reader Thousands of digital books with optional reading supports for students from pre-K through grade 12. Click on Search and then click on the little blue funnel then search for the AR Book Level (A – ATOS). Select the book you would like to read, then click on i- info to find the AR quiz number. 

    Go to:

    Log in with the following credentials:
    Student Username: stmary
    Student Password: stmary

    My Capstone Library

    This site features over 3,000 interactive AR eBooks!   You can search for AR books by reading levels (ATOS) in the menu bar on the left. Select the book you would like to read and click on Book Information to find the quiz numbers. 

    Go to:

    Log in with the following credentials: Click on Log in with Capstone Interactive

    Username: continue

    Password: reading

    EBSCO eBooks
    840 multi-user electronic books are available through EBSCO.   In the menu bar on the left look for Accelerated Reader and click Yes.  Select the book you would like to read, when you click on details you will see the reading level and points, but the quiz numbers aren’t given.  You will have to search for the book by title and Arthur when you log into AR.  It would be a good idea to write it down to help in making sure you select the correct book. 

    Go to:

    Log in with the following credentials:

    Username:  keepreading

    Password:  sebco

    Student ID# 1

    Abdo Digital Bookshelf
    Free access to thousands of eBooks through June 2020. No username/password is necessary. Type in AR in the search book. Select the book you would like to read, when you click on details you will see the reading level (ATOS), but the quiz numbers aren’t given.  You will have to search for the book by title and Arthur when you log into AR.  It would be a good idea to write it down to help in making sure you select the correct book. 

    Go to:


    This publisher is giving free access to 100s of Mackin classics. Type in AR in the search book. Select the book you would like to read, scroll down to title details and next to Accelerated Reader you will see reading level, points, and quiz Number. 

    Go to:

    Log in with the following credentials:

    School Library Name: Berwick Elementary Berwick, LA

    Username: bes1

    Password: susu624

    Follett Destiny Discover

    Follett is providing free access to Lightbox & AV2 interactive electronic books. Type in AR in the search book.  Over 2,000 AR books will appear.  The site doesn’t give any book levels, points, or quiz numbers but I was told they are working on adding this.  You will have to search for the book by title and Arthur when you log into AR.  It would be a good idea to write it down to help in making sure you select the correct book. 

    Go to:

    Log in with the following credentials:

    Username:  guest

    Password:  follett

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  • Practice Makes Perfect #8

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 4/23/2020

    Parents, please ensure your children are completing the packets that the school distributed on March 17th and April 7th.  Also, there are numerous fun learning websites you can access through the SMP web page. Click: Parents/Students, Learn-at-Home, then select the appropriate grade level. Happy learning! 

    You can view and download our latest set of Practice Makes Perfect #8 here.

    Practice Makes Perfect #8

    La práctica hace que la práctica sea perfecta #8

    Science: Use household materials to make and play stringed, percussion, and wind instruments.

    Ciencia: Utilice materiales domésticos para hacer unnd tocar instrumentos de cuerda, percusión y viento.

    Technology: Log on to the St. Mary Parish home page. Click: Parents/Students, Learn-at-Home, select your grade level. Select a learning site to visit and spend 30 minutes on that site.

    Tecnología: Inicie sesión en la página de inicio de la Parroquia de Santa María. Haga clic en: Padres/Estudiantes, Aprender en casa, seleccione su nivel de calificación. Seleccione un sitio de aprendizaje para visitar y pasar 30 minutos en ese sitio.

    Writing: Write a letter to a student in the grade below your current grade. Tell him or her what you liked about school this year and what you learned this year. Also, tell that student about your teachers. You can mail your letter to 400 Texas Street, Berwick, LA 70342. Put it to your teacher’s attention, and she will share it with her class next year.

    Escritura: Escriba una carta a un alumno en la calificación por debajo de su calificación actual.  Dile lo que te gustó de la escuela este año y lo que aprendiste este año. Además, cuéntale a ese estudiante acerca de tus maestros. Puede enviar su carta por correo al 400 de Texas Street, Berwick, LA 70342. Pónganlo en la atención de su maestra, y ella lo compartirá con su clase el próximo año.

    Math (budgeting):

    1. Make a list of ten things you want from any local store/vendor.
    2. Ask your parent or older sibling to help you research the cost of those items.
    3. How much do your items cost all together?
    4. If you were given $100…
      1. Which of those items could you purchase?
      2. Would you have money left over? If so, how much?
      3. Would you have to omit some items?
    5. Write a sentence or two about what you learned about budgeting.

    Matemáticas (presupuesto):

    1. Haga una lista de diez cosas que desea de una tienda localny /vendor.
    2. Pídele a tus padres o hermanos mayores que te ayuden a investigar el costo de esos artículos.
    3. ¿Cuánto cuestan todos juntos tus artículos?
    4. Si te dieron $100...
      1. ¿Cuál de esos artículos podría comprar?
      2. ¿Le sobras dinero? Si es así, ¿cuánto?
      3. ¿Tendría sin tener que omitir algunos artículos?
    5. Escribe una o dos frases sobre lo que aprendiste sobre el presupuesto.


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  • Practice Makes Perfect #7

    Posted by BES Admin on 4/23/2020

    You can view and download our latest Practice Makes Perfect here.

    Practice Makes Perfect #7

    La práctica hace que la #7

    Life Skill: Set three goals for this week, one to complete by the end of the day, one to complete by the middle of the week, and one to complete by Sunday. Write the goals down and track your progress toward reaching them.

    Ex: Clean your room. Finish reading a book you started. Find three things you no longer wear, use or play with, and donate them to someone in need.

    Habilidad de vida: Establece tres metas para esta semana, una para completar al final del día, una para completar a mediados de la semana y otra para completar para el domingo. Anota las metas y realiza un seguimiento de tu progreso hacia su consecución.

    Por ejemplo: Limpie su habitación. Termina de leer un libro que empezaste. Encuentra tres cosas con las que ya no usas, usas o juegas, y doínalas a alguien que lo necesites.

    Reading: Read a new book this week. Then, write a different ending to the story. Share it with your family.

    Lectura: Lea un nuevo libro esta semana. Luego, escribe un final diferente a la historia. Compártelo con tu familia. 

    Science: Sit silently for 15 minutes and write down every sound you hear. At the end of 15 minutes, classify the sounds (high/low pitch, high/low volume, manmade vs. naturally occurring).

    Ciencia: Siéntate en silencio durante 15 minutos y escribe cada sonido que escuches. Al final de 15 minutos, clasificar los sonidos (tono alto / bajo, volumen alto / bajo, artificial frente a natural mente).

    Math: Create your own flashcards with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. If needed, ask an adult for help and be sure to write the answers on the back. Practice the flashcards until you get 100% correct. Then, work on obtaining 100% correct while increasing the speed at which you go through the cards.

    Matemáticas: Crea tus propias tarjetas con hechos matemáticos. Si es necesario, pida ayuda a los adultos y asegúrese de escribir las respuestas en la parte posterior. Practica las tarjetas hasta que tengas el 100% de razón. Luego, trabaja en obtener 100% correcto mientras aumentas la velocidad a la que pasas por las cartas.

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  • READ!

    Posted by BES Admin on 4/16/2020

    "With the announcement of schools being closed for the rest of the year, many people are worried about students missing important instruction. As an educator, it is my opinion that the students that will be most impacted by this closure are emerging readers. When we stop instruction for the regular summer months we see the "summer slide" when students show regression in reading levels. Five months without reading practice will set emerging readers back so far that they may spend the rest of their education playing catch-up. The best thing you can do for your children during this time is to read with them and ask them to practice reading books that are appropriate for their reading level. The reading gaps will take much more time to fix than the math, science and social studies gaps. If a student struggles to read, they will struggle across the board in academics." - Natalie Guzzetta Davis

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  • 30 Days of Activities

    Posted by BES Admin on 4/16/2020

    The Evangeline Area Council, Boy Scouts of America has put together a 30-Day of Activities program for families of elementary aged youth.  The program is for everyone, free of charge, whether they are in Scouts or not.  The activities are grade level specific for boys and girls, Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

    You can visit their website at or by clicking here.

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  • Using Fast ForWord at Home

    Posted by BES Admin on 4/16/2020

    Using Fast ForWord at Home

    The Fast ForWord program is an award-winning suite of software exercises that build brain fitness while simultaneously developing cognitive and academic skills. Because the software is web-based, it’s simple for students to use at home.

    Your student will need a quiet environment free of distractions to help them stay focused. They’ll also need access to a computer that meets our requirements*, an internet connection, and headphones.

    To use the Fast ForWord program at home:

    1. Open your browser and go to
    2. Enter the student’s school or district 
    3. Enter the student’s username 
    4. Enter the student’s password 
    5. Click the program to start, and complete all highlighted exercises

    **Students should know their FFW username and password. If not, you can email Mrs. Menard at and she can provide you the log in information. 

    Important! If using iPad with iOS 13 or higher, please follow these steps before the student logs in:

    1. On iPad, go to Settings, Safari.
    2. Scroll to Settings for Websites and choose Request Desktop Website.
    3. Change All Websites setting to OFF by moving the green slider to the gray position.

    What you can do to help your student successfully use the program: 

    • Let your student know how much you value his/her participation in the program.
    • Communicate with your student’s teacher to discuss improvements.
    • Acknowledge your student’s successes!
    • Ensure that your student has great attendance, and limit distractions.

     *You can ask your student’s school for a copy of the technical requirements, if needed.

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  • Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest UPDATED

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 4/16/2020

    Update from Ms. Gidget Everitt:

    The deadline for submitting Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest entries has been extended through May 1, 2020.

    • Entries can be scanned and emailed to
    • Entries can be mailed to the following address:

    Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest
    St. Mary Parish School Board
    P.O. Box 170
    Centerville, LA 70522

    Winners of the Red Ribbon Week Slogan Contest are Sophie Dufrene (Maitland Elementary) and Aiden Sherville (St. John Elementary), who submitted the slogan that will serve as the theme of 2020 Red Ribbon Week activities:

    “Don’t Huff, Don’t Puff, STAY AWAY FROM THAT STUFF! Be Drug-Free!”

    The selection of a slogan marks the opening of the Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest, which is open to artists of all ages.  The deadline for entering the contest is Friday, March 20, 2020, at 4:00 PM.  Guidelines are entries can be found on this website under Departments Safe and Drug Free Schools Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest.


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  • Practice Makes Perfect #6

    Posted by BES Admin on 4/9/2020

    You can view our latest set of Practice Makes Perfect here.

    Practice Makes Perfect #6

    La práctica hace que sea perfecto #6

    Math: Calculate the area and perimeter of each room in your house (older kids).

    Matemática: Calcule el área y el perímetro de cada habitación de su casa (niños mayores).


    Compare and contrast two people in your household. Then, write about how those two people are alike and how they are different.

    Escritura: Compara y contrasta a dos personas en tu hogar. Luego, escribe sobre cómo esas dos personas son iguales y cómo son diferentes.

    Art: Cut out pictures of things you like. Ex: foods, activities, animals, books, etc. Use magazines, newspapers, the internet and anything else you have at home. Create a collage for yourself by gluing the pictures to fill up a space completely. Your collage could be on a silhouette of yourself, on a large butterfly, or any shape of something you love.

    Arte: Recorta imágenes de las cosas que te gustan: alimentos, actividades, animales, libros, etc. Usa revistas, periódicos, internet y cualquier otra cosa que tengas en casa. Crea un collage para ti mismo pegando las imágenes para llenar un espacio por completo. Tu collage podría estar en una silueta de ti mismo, en una mariposa grande, o cualquier forma de algo que amas.

    Social Studies: Research five states you would like to visit. Note the state capital and at least two things each state is known for.

    ciencias sociales: Investigue cinco estados que le gustaría visitar. Tenga en cuenta la capital del estado y al menos dos cosas por las que se conoce cada estado.

    Reading: Read a book to someone and ask questions about the book as you read it aloud.

    Lectura: Lea un libro a alguien y haga preguntas sobre el libro mientras lo lee en voz alta.

    Science: Grow a plant from a seedling or one that is already beginning to grow (perhaps tomato plant). Keep it watered and in the appropriate environment. Note changes to the growth weekly. Write down what you see happening.

    Ciencia: Cultivar una planta a partir de una plántula o una que ya está empezando a crecer (tal vez planta de tomate). Mantenerlo regado y en el ambiente correcto. Tenga en cuenta los cambios en el crecimiento semanalmente. Anota lo que veas que sucede.

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  • myON Log in

    Posted by Lauren Matte on 4/4/2020

    You can view and download the myON at home learning letter here or read below. 

    Dear Families,

    Our students will have free access to the myON digital library and daily news articles they can access from home during the current COVID-19 school closure period.

    This will help them continue reading and learning—and provide additional opportunities for them to explore topics they are interested in. 

    What’s available  

    Thousands of digital books with optional reading supports for students from pre-K through grade 12. 

    Five daily myON News articles, which are written by journalists and reviewed by a child psychologist, along with an archive of previous issues.

    These resources can be accessed on any digital device that is connected to the Internet and are available 24/7.  myON books can also be downloaded onto mobile devices for offline reading.

    How to log into myON 

    Go to:

    Log in with the following credentials

    Student Username: stmary

    Student Password: stmary

    Resources to support reading with myON at home

    Thank you for the important role you play every day to support our students’ learning.  

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Welcome to Berwick Elementary!






Character Counts!

  • March 9, 2020 - March 13, 2020

    Posted by Gidget Everitt on 3/6/2020

    Student: "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  -John Wooden


    Staff: "Be brave, teachers. Today you may face big challenges, impossible tasks or difficult problems. Or you may not, and your students might. Whatever the case, put on your brave face and teach on!"   -Unknown

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  • Be Wary of Open Enrollment Scams

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 11/13/2019

    Two important deadlines are quickly approaching for adding or changing your health coverage if you use one of the following options: 

    • Medicare:  December 7
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA): December 15

    Gretchen Abraham from the FTC's Division of Consumer & Business Education has shared the following tips on the Federal Trade Commission's website to help you avoid being scammed:

    For Medicare:

    • There are no Medicare sales representatives. Anyone who tried to sell you Medicare insurance is a scammer. 
    • You do NOT have to join a prescription drug plan to keep your Medicare insurance. Medicare Part D is voluntary and has nothing to do with your regular Medicare coverage.
    • Telephone scammers posing as "official agents" may ask for personal information, offer free equipment or services, ask for a quick payment, or threaten you. Just hang up.
    • Help with Medicare is available at or 1-800-MEDICARE.

    For Affordable Care Act:

    • Compare plans and quality ratings at, where you can also enroll.
    • This year, you can also sign up for an ACA plan directly with certain certified partners.  Make sure a company is on the Certified Partner list before giving them your information. 
    • After you apply for ACA, you may get a phone call from the Marketplace asking you to verify information or supply additional information. If you are unsure about trusting the caller, ask the representative to mail you a letter with instructions for completing your application.
    • Help for ACA is available from the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596.  You can also meet with a local assistant in your community who will offer free assistance. Local assistance can be found through the Local Assistance tool.
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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre on 8/5/2019

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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