St. Mary Parish Schools

St. Mary Parish Schools

Help Desk

  • Welcome to the Help Desk for District Employees.

    When you are seeking technical assistance, you may be asked for your IP address or computer name in order to gain assistance.

    Here’s how you find your IP address:

    • On the Task bar in Search box, type run and wait.
    • When the Run icon appears, click it.  (Note: Command Prompt will also work.)
    • In the Run dialog box, type in cmd and press OK. A black command prompt box will appear.
    • You will see your name and a >  symbol. Please your cursor behind the > and type ipconfig. Press Enter on your keyboard.
    • Copy the number associated with  IPv4 Address.

    Here’s how you find your computer name (Windows 7):

    • Click the Microsoft circle icon in the lower left-corner of your screen.
    • On the grey bar (right side), right-click Computer and select Properties.
    • About halfway down, you will see Full Computer Name.  Copy that number.