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  • SMP Early Childhood Network Coordinated Enrollment Event

    Posted by District at 2/14/2017

    The St. Mary Parish Early Childhood Network will host an Early Childhood Coordinated Enrollment Event on Saturday, February 18, 2017,  to encourage early enrollment of pre-school children.  The event will be held immediately following the annual Krewe of Head Start Parade at 1:00 PM.  More information is available in the event flyer

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  • 2017-18 Red Ribbon Slogan Released

    Posted by District at 2/13/2017 12:00:00 PM

    Congratulations are extended to Abby Dugas (Hanson Memorial High School) for her winning entry in the Red Ribbon Week Slogan contest:

    "Lead the way to a Drug-Free USA!  Be Drug-Free!"

    The announcement of the slogan officially opens the 2017-18 Red Ribbon Week Drawing Contest, which is open to all district students and staff, as well as to the general public. More details are available in the event flyer. Deadline for entry is March 15, 2017, at 4:00 PM.

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  • National School Breakfast Proclamations

    Posted by District at 2/10/2017 12:00:00 PM

    The St. Mary Parish School Board proclaimed the week of March 6-10, 2017, as National School Breakfast Week based on a request by Ms. Claire Guarisco, supervisor of district's Child Nutrition Department, during the board's regular meeting on Thursday, February 10.  

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  • Students and Employees Recognized by School Board

    Posted by District at 2/10/2017 12:00:00 PM

    As part of its February 10, 2017, regular meeting, the St. Mary Parish School Board recognized and congratulated to the following individuals:

    • Student of the Month: Blaze Harrison, 5th Grade (Bayou Vista Elementary School)
    • Student of the Month: Kobe Randolph, 8th Grade (Centerville Junior High School)
    • Student of the Month:  Jennifer Tran, 12th Grade (Morgan City High School)

    • Employee of the Month: Ms. Christina Harrison, Curriculum Facilitator (Bayou Vista Elementary School)
    • Employee of the Month: Ms. Angela Louviere, Pre-K Paraprofessional (Centerville Junior High School)
    • Employee of the Month: Ms. Constance Wallace, English Teacher (Morgan City High School)

    Ms. Tammy Drexler also introduced School Board members to the district's Students of the Year: 

    • Elementary Student of the Year:  Kate Williams, 5th Grade (Berwick Elementary School)
    • Middle/Junior High Student of the Year: Anna Leleux, 8th Grade (Berwick Junior High School)
    • High School Student of the Year: Nicholas Levergne, 12th Grade (Berwick High School)

    Ms. Debra Shum, Executive Director of the Louisiana Association of Principals, presented the following honors:

    • Aspiring Principals Scholarship:  Ms. Tonya Hills, Teacher (Hattie Watts Elementary School)
    • Louisiana Assistant Principal of the Year:  Ms. Sheryl Gibbons (Hattie Watts Elementary School)

    Congratulations to these outstanding St. Mary Parish students and educators.

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  • Superintendent's Contract Extended

    Posted by District at 2/10/2017 12:00:00 PM

    At its regularly-scheduled monthly meeting on February 9, 2017, the St. Mary Parish School unanimously voted to extend Superintendent Leonard Armato’s contract for an additional two-year period with a $5000 salary increase. Mr. Armato declared it an honor to lead the parish as superintendent and emphasized the district's goal of moving from the state's highest "B" school district into "A" status. More information is available in the press release

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  • School Board Recognizes Groups During January and February

    Posted by District at 1/17/2017

    At its regular meeting on January 12, 2017, the St. Mary Parish School Board approved the following proclamations:

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  • Students and Employees of the Month Recognized by School Board

    Posted by District at 1/17/2017

    As part of its January 12, 2017, regular meeting, the St. Mary Parish School Board recognized and congratulated to the following individuals:

    • Student of the Month: Bali Blakeman, 4th Grade (Hattie Watts Elementary School)
    • Student of the Month: Mason Myers, 5th Grade (Raintree Elementary School)
    • Student of the Month:  Ajanni Connor, 8th Grade (B. E. Boudreaux Middle School)

    • Employee of the Month: Ms. Danielle Grow, Kindergarten Teacher (Hattie Watts Elementary School)
    • Employee of the Month: Mr. Austin Connor, Head Custodian (Raintree Elementary School)
    • Employee of the Month: Ms. Holly Provost, School Clerk (B. E. Boudreaux Middle School)
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  • St. Mary Parish Students of the Year Named

    Posted by District at 1/11/2017 3:00:00 PM

    The Students of the Year Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding elementary, middle/junior, and high school students.  This program is an excellent opportunity to recognize students from each parish who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and citizenship. 

    The Students of the Year Award Program is sponsored by the Louisiana State Superintendent through the State Department of Education and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).  

    Congratulations to the St. Mary Parish winners, who will participate in the regional competition to be held in February: 

    •      5th Grade:  Kate Marie Williams, Berwick Elementary School
    •      8th Grade:  Anna Leleux, Berwick Junior High School
    •      12th Grade:  Nicholas Levergne, Berwick High School

    Congratulations are also extended to all school-level winners:

    • 5th Grade: 
      • Bill Cao, J. S. Aucoin Elementary School
      • Blaze Harrison, Bayou Vista Elementary School
      • Alexis Estay, Centerville Elementary School
      • Christian Lopez, W. P. Foster Elementary School
      • Lillian Berry, M. E. Norman Elementary School
      • Elijah Johnson, Patterson Jr. High School
      • Mason Myers, Raintree Elementary School
      • Brandon Cordero, Wyandotte Elementary School
    • 8th Grade:
      • Ajani Connor, B. E. Boudreaux Middle School
      • Dacie Clinton, Centerville Junior High School
      • Mary Frances Vincent, Morgan City Junior High School
      • Reagan Lindsey, Patterson Junior High School
    • 12th Grade:
      • Michelle Porath, Centerville High School
      • Jennifer Tran, Morgan City High School
      • Matthew Dardeau, Patterson High School
      • Deante’ Gibson, West St. Mary High School
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  • Red Ribbon Committee Announces Slogan Contest

    Posted by District at 1/5/2017 12:00:00 PM

    The St. Mary Parish Red Ribbon Committee is proud to announce that it is now accepting slogan submissions for the 2016–2017 Red Ribbon Week Campaign.  All students in grades 7-12 attending any district school are eligible to compete for the $100 prize. Deadline for submission is Wednesday, February 1, 2017. More information can be found in the Red Ribbon Week Slogan Contest guidelines. 

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  • St. Mary Parish Schools Introduce Peachjar E-Flyers

    Posted by District at 9/22/2016


    During the next few weeks, a new Peachjar E-Flyers icon will begin appearing on the homepage of most St. Mary Parish school websites. Peachjar, the leading e-flyer management system in North America, is working with thousands of schools to help digitally distribute school calendars, newsletters, and other important documents that used to be sent home on paper.

    Click here to learn more about Peachjar in St. Mary Parish.

    A parent or guardian can sign-up to receive all school flyers automatically delivered to his or her email address. Parents can opt-in for e-flyers from multiple schools, and the PDF flyers can be viewed on any Internet-connected device. Parents who choose not to register can always access a school's current flyers by clicking the Peachjar icon on the school's homepage.

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Superintendent's Welcome

   Welcome to St. Mary Parish Schools
Superintendent Armato
St. Mary Parish is a school district committed to providing a quality education for all students. The district has worked to develop and maintain a reputation as an elite, proactive, and successful school district dedicated to student achievement as its top priority. As superintendent, it is my responsibility to place students at the forefront of all decision-making while supporting teachers with the necessary resources for effective instruction. Working together with stakeholders, my goal is to respect, support, and set high expectations for all employees to ensure a valuable, productive, and safe educational environment.
I personally invite you to discover St. Mary Parish from this virtual environment. In addition to district and school directories, the website provides helpful information such as school board policies, cafeteria menus, bus routes, and links to individual websites for each of our 23 schools. Parents are encouraged to obtain login information from their child’s school to access attendance and class grades through the Student Progress Center. 
Mr. Leonard J. Armato, Superintendent


  • NCSAM (Week 3) and Digital Citizenship Week

    Posted by Susan Dupre at 10/19/2016

    As part of this observation, parents are encouraged to "Take the Pledge" to empower kids to use technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully, thus providing young people with the digital citizenship skills they need to thrive in today's world.

    Here's the pledge: I pledge to empower my kids to use technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully. Together, we will provide young people with the digital citizenship skills they need to thrive in today's world.

    Why take the pledge?  While technology provides increased opportunities for students, there is also a responsibility to teach them about technology's pitfalls so they can avoid them.  If we don't teach our kids, who will?


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  • SMP CyberSAFE Archives

    Posted by Susan Dupre at 1/13/2016

    See past postings at the SMP CyberSAFE archives page.

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Character Counts!

  • February 27, 2017 - March 3, 2017

    Posted by Gidget Everitt at 2/24/2017

    For Students: "Don't chase people.  Be yourself.  Do your own thing and work hard.  The right people - the ones who really belong in your life - will come to you and stay."  -Will Smith


    For Staff:  "Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew."  -Cicely Tyson

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